California Culinary Schools & Certificate Programs

In the large and exciting state of California, many culinary opportunities are ripe for the picking. It is in this state that you’ll find fusion, ethnic and cultural diversity, and a strong love for dining out. The state also has a distinctive cuisine, with local produce including figs, artichokes, and avocados. With more than 36 million people and huge cities including Los Angeles, San Diego, and Sacramento, there are plenty of mouths to feed in California.

Earning a culinary degree is a very wise move for California residents. With so many popular metropolitan areas, the job market for culinary professionals is tough. With your degree or professional certificate, you’ll be a step above the rest when it comes to landing some of the best jobs in the industry. While completing your culinary program in the state, you’ll learn about cooking techniques, proper food handling, restaurant management, and more. You can expect to attend classes in a variety of different settings, from private culinary institutes to four year colleges.

A large state like California is well prepared to offer culinary students a wide variety of options for financial aid. The California Student Aid Commission website is full of great information for obtaining grants, scholarships, loans, and other programs. The website is especially helpful for dispensing information about Cal Grants, a program offered by the state.

The state of California spans a variety of regions, from coastal cities to lush food and wine valleys. Whether you’re a fan of fish or fried food, you can certainly find a niche in California. The state is especially fond of chefs and other culinary professionals who can make healthy foods with talent and flair, especially in cities like Los Angeles.

Much of California is made up of highly desirable cities with exploding populations. Because of this, the cost of living in the state is often much higher than the national average. Cities will almost always be higher than suburbs and rural areas. However, with this higher cost of living comes much higher salaries. Salaries for executive chefs in Los Angeles will generally range from $51,000 to $114,000. In smaller cities like Sacramento, executive chefs can expect to be paid from $49,000 to $110,000 per year.

Top Culinary Programs

Penn Foster Career School

Penn Foster Career School - Students interested in becoming a caterer will enjoy the program offered by Penn Foster Career School. Penn Foster has classes entirely online so students never have to leave their home.
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The Art Institute

The Art Institute Online - With an online program available, students can start a career in the culinary arts quickly and easily.
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The Culinary Institute of America

The Culinary Institute of America - The Culinary Institute of America is a high quality program for students interested in learning the culinary arts from some of the best chefs in the country.
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Le Cordon Bleu

San Franciso

Le Cordon Bleu - One of the highest respected cooking schools, Le Cordon Bleu has graduated some of the top chef's currently working in restaurants around the country today.
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