Hospitality Management Careers

Can you see yourself planning large, elaborate weddings, seeing to the needs of guests on vacation, and ensuring that professional conferences are conducted without a hitch? A career in hospitality management may be just the thing for you. As a hospitality manager, you are responsible for making sure that your guests have a comfortable home away from home, whether they’re with you for business, pleasure, or special events. At the same time, you must ensure that the establishment you manage is run with efficiency and profitability. Your day to day responsibilities will include tasks like directing housekeeping and other staff, office administration, security, maintenance, oversight of facilities, and marketing. Additionally, you will largely be in charge of hiring and training staff, and must always be available to fill in when needed.

In order to establish your career in hospitality management, you’ll generally need an associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree in hospitality or hotel management. Experience working in the hospitality industry is also advantageous. Due to this need for experience, internships and college jobs in the hospitality field can be assets. You will find that hospitality managers often start out in lesser positions within the field, and then work as management trainees for some time before becoming full management. You can expect for the work environment to include long hours at odd times, and even many hours on-call when you’ll be expected to come in to work at any time. The work is very often hectic, with important events and clients requiring your attention on a regular basis. Additionally, the pressure to coordinate a range of needs and activities, interacting with people, and staying profitable for investors means that hospitality management can be particularly stressful. However, the position is often very rewarding, generally offering instant positive feedback and the ability to be a part of special times in your guests’ lives.

On average, hospitality managers earn about $42,000 a year. Some can earn less than $25,000 a year, and others earn more than $82,000. Your salary will vary greatly depending on your location, responsibilities, and what type of hospitality establishment you work for. On top of your salary and benefits, you may be able to enjoy added perks like laundry, meals, and parking. Some hospitality managers also enjoy bonuses of up to 25% of their basic salary depending on performance.

You can expect to work in a traditional hotel or motel, but there are also plenty of management jobs to be found in casinos, resorts, boardinghouses, youth hostels, recreation camps, and RV camps. It is also possible to use your experience, skills, and education to create your own hospitality establishment. You should have no trouble finding work in the hospitality industry, as new hotels, casinos, and resorts are being built constantly, and high turnover in the industry means that there are always fresh jobs waiting for you.

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