Hospitality Management Degree Programs

Obtaining a degree in hospitality management is an excellent way to start your career in hospitality. With your degree, you’ll have all of the knowledge and skills necessary to have a great career in hospitality management. Possession of such a degree will also indicate to potential employers that you are serious and dedicated to your future in the hospitality industry. You can find a quality hospitality degree program in a university, independent hotel and restaurant management schools, hospitality institutions, and specialized industries like hospitals or the military. You will also discover that many hotels offer their own special training programs that allow you to earn a degree.

Often, Hospitality administration and management degree programs are offered at the associate’s and bachelor’s level. This means that the length of your degree program will range anywhere from less than 2 years to more than 4 years. Your actual program length will vary depending on whether you pursue an associate’s or bachelor’s, as well as the pace and schedule that you follow when completing your degree. Hospitality administration and management degree programs focus on teaching students how to successfully run restaurants, hotels, travel agencies, and other businesses that serve the needs of those who are traveling, whether for business or pleasure. In a hospitality management program, you can expect to take classes that focus on planning formal events, guest interaction, supervisory skills, communication, and problem solving.

A degree in hospitality management will give you all of the skills and knowledge that are important for keeping a hotel, restaurant, or resort successful and productive, whether you’re working as a manager for a large chain of hotels, or starting your own bed and breakfast. Hospitality managers can expect to earn $42,000 a year on average, although salaries can be lower than $25,000 and go higher than $82,000. Your salary will largely depend on your level of experience, education, location, and specific industry. The hospitality and tourism industry is one of the top three employers in the United States, and due to steady growth in travel, is expected to continue to expand over the next 8 years. Many new hotels are being planned or built, with over 600 hotels opening in 2007. These hotels, largely located in the suburbs, will need managers to operate them. Positions will also open up in new resort, casino, and luxury hotels. Beyond new hotels, job opportunities are always plentiful in the hospitality industry due to high turnover. With your degree in hospitality management, you’ll be ahead of the game when competing for the best positions in both new and existing hotels.

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