Top 100 Blogs for the Frugal Gourmet

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With times being tough for many people out there, buying luxury food and drinks isn’t a top priority. Yet cutting back on spending and being more frugal with money doesn’t have to mean you can indulge your inner chef. These 100 blogs explain how you can be more of a frugal gourmet, allowing you to pinch pennies while still getting to fill your stomach with all the delicious food you love.


These blogs offer some great tips, recipes and ideas for eating well while saving money.

  1. This Irish website is a great place to look for tips on budget foods, shopping well and much more.
  2. Frugal Cooking: Here you’ll find recipes and tips for cooking food that’s not only healthy and tasty, but inexpensive as well.
  3. The Cheap Gourmet: For those who want to eat the best but don’t want to pay outrageous prices, this blog can be a great place to find recipes and suggestions.
  4. Almost Frugal Food: From gadgets that can help you cook more cheaply to recipes that look and taste expensive without the painful price tag, this blog has loads to offer frugal foodies.
  5. $5 Dinners: Learn how to stretch your dollars further with these ideas for dinner that are on the cheap side but don’t sacrifice taste.
  6. Frugal Connoisseur: Check out this blog that will give you the lowdown on frugal foods from wine and beer to chocolate and cheese.
  7. Budget Gourmet Kitchen: This blogger explains ways that you can use items from your own garden, seasonal veggies and more to create indulgent, delicious items. Best of all, you won’t go broke doing it.
  8. Make It from Scratch: Shun those processed foods and learn to make just about anything from scratch from this blog with everything from wonderful recipes to baby products.
  9. Foodie on a Budget: Part of the website Chow, this blog is home to loads of articles and tips that can help you eat well.
  10. The Budget Foodie: Learn to do gourmet for less from this blog that provides grocery shopping tips, cool frugal products and yummy recipes.
  11. The Laid Off Gourmet: Feeling the pinch because you’re between jobs? You’re not the only one. This blogger helps you keep up with your taste for well-made foods while keeping your spending in check.
  12. Choosy Beggars: These bloggers show that just because you’re short on funds doesn’t mean you have to just take any old food that comes your way. Check out the site for tons of great recipes that won’t set you back a ton.

Frugal Cooks

These cooks show you some simple ways to create high end meals and low end costs.

  1. Sanaa Cooks: This Mediterranean chef shares her recipes, many of which are vegan or gluten free, and none of which will cost you a fortune to make.
  2. Dude, Where’s the Stove?: With posts that provide dollar recipes, this blogger and foodie’s site is a great resource for finding good food for less. Some recipes even include cost information so you’ll know just what you’re getting into when cooking.
  3. The 99 Cent Chef: This blogger cooks and finds meals that costs, you guessed it, 99 cents. For those who are looking for alternatives to those packages of ramen, this site can be a great inspiration.
  4. Too Many Chefs: This frugal chef will help you learn to follow the old adage "waste not, want not." You’ll find tips to help you cut your spending while still filling your belly.
  5. Chronicles of a Curious Cook: Here you’ll find an assortment of creative ideas to create a wide range of meals all on a tight budget.
  6. The Guerilla Gourmet: Bloggers and food enthusiasts Eric and Tiffany show readers how to make awesome food at radically cheap prices.

Budget Recipes

Check out these blogs for great recipes that won’t bust your budget.

  1. Food Revolution: Get a wide selection of recipes on this site from desserts to main courses, many of which have detailed cost information to help you know how much you’ll need to budget to make them.
  2. Easy Cheap Recipes: The title of this blog lays it out. Readers will find recipes that are good, simple and frugal.
  3. I Think I Have a Recipe for That: This blogger is trying to stick to a budget of $70 a week for two. Check out the site for tasty recipes and tips.
  4. Frugal Recipes: With recipes that have been created or tweaked to be more affordable, this blog can will help you learn to make simple things for less.
  5. Cheap Check out this site for cheap recipes designed for the family as well as tips for saving big at the grocery store.
  6. CheapRecipes: Need to save money because times are tough for you? These recipes are designed to do just that.
  7. Burgers Today: Have a craving for a delicious burger but can’t deal with the cost of eating out? This site is full of recipes for the best burgers that you can make from your own home.
  8. One Frugal Foodie: This blogger believes that eating well shouldn’t be expensive and offers loads of recipes that are both delicious and reasonably priced.
  9. The Economical Epicurean: Foodies can find recipes in this blog that will meet their needs for the finer foods without requiring an expansive wallet.
  10. The Haute Kitchen: Enjoy the haute cuisine recipes in this blog, many of which use affordable, seasonable ingredients.
  11. Eat Food Not Money Cookbook: The recipes on this blog are designed to help you eat like a king without the royal budget. Best of all, you’ll get price listings for all the posts.
  12. Ginger Lemon Girl: Love southern cooking? Can’t have gluten? This blog is perfect for you then, with loads of frugal and yummy recipes.

Family Cooking

These blogs will provide great advice on cooking cheap and healthy food for a whole family, not just yourself.

  1. Frugal Homekeeping: This mom provides her favorite recipes and ideas for eating well on a budget.
  2. Cheap Family Meals: Feeding a family on a budget can be a struggle sometimes, especially if you want them to eat well. Recipes found here can help make it a little easier.
  3. Frugal Feasts: Between the two of them, these moms have 13 kids, and feeding them well is no easy feat. Check out the site for tips and recipes.
  4. Cheap Cookin’ Mama: This mom shares her tips for cutting costs on healthy meals for her kids.
  5. Frugal Family Foodies: Here you’ll find recipes and ideas for meals for a family that are made with seasonal, fresh ingredients.
  6. Frantic Home Cook: You feeling frantic? Trying to quickly get a meal together for the family? This site is full of last minute recipes that are fancy, tasty and frugal.
  7. The Daily Dish: Check out this site for family friendly recipes that won’t leave your wallet empty.
  8. Makeshift Meals: Ever had to make due with cooking what’s around the house? This blog is the perfect place to find delicious recipes for those last minute meals when you just don’t have time to make it to the store.
  9. Save a Dime in ’09: This practical mom of two shares her secrets for keeping things frugal, planning meals, and making healthy food.
  10. Prudence Pennywise: Billed as "scandalously good food on a budget" with the purpose of sharing ideas of how to feed a family of 4 on less than $100 a week.

Student Eating

Just because you’re a student without much money doesn’t mean you can’t eat well. Check out these blogs for tips and suggestions.

  1. Gourmet on a Grant: This student loves good food and drink but has a limited budget. Posts on his blog provide ideas on ways to eat well even if you don’t have a ton of resources.
  2. The Frugal Gourmand: This blog is full of recommendations of ways that those in college and beyond can eat cheaply, with the majority of posts focusing on those guilty pleasures like fast food.
  3. The Starving Student: Just because you’re a student doesn’t mean you’re stuck eating pre-packaged foods. This blogger details ways to eat healthy while staying under budget.
  4. HungryGrad: This grad student is trying to eat well on a shoestring budget, providing reviews and recipes to aid other students in the same boat.
  5. Beyond Baked Beans: This blog offers some great, cheap alternatives to crappy, pre-packaged foods common with college students.
  6. Cheap Eats: Sometimes cost means more than quality, and for those days, this blog can provide essential advice. You’ll find reviews of the cheapest eats out there.

Veggies and Vegans

Here you’ll learn how to cook frugal and delicious food, without harming any animals in the process.

  1. Dinner’s Ready: These vegan bloggers share some delicious and healthy recipes on their blog.
  2. Vegetarian Frugal Housewife: Check out this blog to get tips from this vegetarian blogger on cooking well, saving money and much more.
  3. Vegan Diva’s Blog: From suggestions when eating out to ideas for great homemade meals, you’ll find it all on this vegan blog.
  4. Frugal Veggie Mama: This mom and fitness instructor shares her suggestions for ways to eat healthy and vegetarian while being frugal.
  5. Vegetarian on the Cheap: Here you’ll find tips for eating right and sticking to your budget.
  6. Vegan on the Cheap: Being a vegan doesn’t have to spell doom for your budget as this blogger suggests.
  7. Veganbot: From other kinds of pasta to try to vegan options from the grocery store, this blog offers a range of budget vegan options.

Stretching It

These bloggers are all about helping you make your gourmet meals go further.

  1. Reactive Cooking: This blog is all about avoiding food waste, with recipes that help you to use up the ingredients in your kitchen.
  2. The Leftover Queen: Learn to make the most of your leftovers with a little help from this blog.
  3. Love Food Hate Waste: When you’re on a budget, wasting food is simply not an option. This blog will help you cook great meals that reduce your food waste.
  4. Leftover Lovers: Check out this blog to learn how to use those leftovers to make another great meal.
  5. 30 Day Cafe: Cooking ahead and freezing food can be a great way to eat well without wasting food or spending hours cooking after a long day at work. Learn more from this site.
  6. Real Life Food Storage: This blogger tries to cook with items that can be stored over the long term, like beans, rice and oats. These foods can be tasty but are also some of the cheapest you can buy.
  7. Leftover Grub: Learn ways you can combine last night’s gourmet meal into a myriad of other dishes to make food the gift that just keeps giving.
  8. The Frugal Cook: From spending less on food to making the most of the meals you cook, this blogger is all about helping you stretch your food budget.

Grocery Shopping

One way to save money on cooking is by getting the best deals on the food at the grocery store. These blogs are full of tips and tricks to help you get more for less.

  1. Best Bites Blog: While some of the posts on this blog focus on eating out, many tell you just where to shop and what to buy to build frugal meals.
  2. 30 Bucks a Week: Could you get by on 30 dollars a week for food? See what this blogger spends her money on while still eating well.
  3. Money Saving Mom: Learn how to make the most from your grocery budget from this savings centered mom.
  4. Cheap-o’s Story: Follow the tips of this blogger to learn how to make coupons, sales and deals your friends.
  5. Consumer Queen: Check out this blog to learn about ways you can get food and other products for free or cheap.
  6. The $200 Mission: Think you could feed your family on only $200 a month? This mom shows you just how she’s doing it, day by day.
  7. The Centsible Sawyer: This mom provides tips and suggestions for how to save big on food and everything else.
  8. Cheap Grocery Blog: Visit this blog regularly to find out what you can get cheaply.

Frugal and More

While sections of these blogs are dedicated to frugal foods, they offer much more than just tips on saving on eating.

  1. Get Rich Slowly: Check out this popular blog to discover ways to save on meals as well as loads of other expenses.
  2. SlashFood Frugal: This blog is all about foods, check out the section that focuses on frugality to get articles and ideas all about saving on sustenance.
  3. The Nourishing Gourmet: Here you’ll find the frugal focused section of this food blog, containing numerous recipes.
  4. Survival Tips for the Working Poor: If you’re not making much and need some advice on saving on food, check out this blog.
  5. Why Pay More?: Really, why would you? This blog shares tips on how you can save on just about everything, including food.
  6. Frugal for Life: With tips on using, spending and wasting less, this blog can help you bring your spending on food into check.
  7. Frugal Granola: This mom shares her tips on living frugally, including preparing meals for less and reducing food waste.
  8. Our Frugal Experiment: This blog is home to tons of tips on saving money on everything from face soap to homemade orange julius.
  9. Thrifty Hearts: Dedicated to helping families around the world eat better for less, this blog is full of freebies, meals that go further and much more.
  10. Notes from the Frugal Trenches: Follow this blogger as she attempts to scale back on her spending and live a more frugal life, eating and grocery shopping included.

Healthy and Green

Cutting back on spending doesn’t mean sacrificing a commitment to green, organic or health foods. These bloggers show you how to spend less and stay healthy.

  1. Sustainable Pantry: With simple recipes that are good for you and make use of pantry staples, this blog can help you eat well while making the most of every grocery dollar.
  2. Cheap Healthy Good: Here you’ll find articles and recipes that quite simply, fit the title of the blog to a tee.
  3. Budget Health Nut: Make healthy choices without worrying about the cost with a little assistance from this blog.
  4. Frugal Health Choices: Learn how to make healthy choices for your life even if you’re on a budget that doesn’t leave a lot of room for extras from this blog.
  5. The Thrifty Oreganic: You don’t have to eat pesticide-filled food just because you don’t have a load of cash. This blogger explains how to eat fresh for less.
  6. BeanPlate: This blog is dedicated to helping readers eat well when money is tight, with recipes taken from depression era cookbooks updated to modern tastes and much more.
  7. Frugal Luxuries Food: With tips on living simply, saving money and more this blog is an ideal place to find recipes using seasonal and fresh ingredients.

Beer and Wine

These blogs are all about helping you stretch your booze budget further, recommending great wines and directing you towards bargain beers.

  1. Credit Crunch Drinking: Want to drink on a dime? This blog can explain the best bets for drinking just about anything while staying on a tight budget.
  2. Budget Vino: Here you can find some great wine advice on brands that are tasty without being expensive.
  3. Good Wine Under $20: Don’t break the bank on good wine. This blog can point you towards great wines that are cheap enough for any budget.
  4. CheapWineRatings: Get rankings for value wines on this blog, so you can drink better wine for less cash.
  5. the frugal oenophile’s wine of the week: Check out this blog for updates on great wine deals posted each week.
  6. Homemade Wine Making: Want to try making your own wine? This site can help you get started or answer your questions.
  7. The Naked Vine: If you don’t know much about wine and don’t plan on spending a fortune on expensive vintages, this blog can point you in the right direction.


These bloggers deal with a variety of cheap eating topics from eating out to foods for the adventurous.

  1. The Cheap Ethnic Eatz Blog: If you love ethnic foods but don’t have unlimited funds, you can check out this blog centered around Montreal.
  2. GrubGirl: Explore LA through budget eating with this helpful blog as a guide.
  3. The Frugal Foodie: This grad student offers suggestions on where you can eat out that won’t cost you an arm and a leg when you’re in Silicon Valley.
  4. La Gourmonde Modeste: If you can read French, this blog is an ideal visit for tips on saving big while eating well.
  5. How to Eat Cheap: This site is more tongue-in-cheek than serious, but it can provide some amusing tips on how to cut back on your eating costs.
  6. me hungry!: Follow this couple around as they taste the great frugal food offerings around New York.
  7. The Ironic Mullet: Want to pursue some interesting but still frugal cooking avenues? Try out this blog, with ideas on cooking everything from octopus to frittatas

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