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By Christina Laun

Whether you love eating out or cooking at home, there are tons of sites on the net that cater to your foodie sensibilities. Here are some blogs that can direct you to great recipes, tips from chefs, health foods and even what to try while you’re on vacation. No matter what you love about food, you’re bound to find something that sparks your interest in one of these great blogs.


Check out these sites for a variety of information, reviews and recipes that cater to your foodie sensibilities.

  1. Slashfood: Here you’ll find a wide range of food-related information, from recipes to reviews of food accessories and books.
  2. The Accidental Hedonist: Check out this blog for great recipes, appetizing photos of food and great information like "a guide to asian noodles".
  3. Can Cook, Must Cook: If you love Caribbean food, check out this blog. You’ll get reviews of restaurants and books that can help you indulge your taste buds.
  4. Food Museum: This blog reports on all things to do with food including food history, gardening, book reviews, food safety, nutrition and more.
  5. Friend’s Eat: Join this community to find new recipes and ideas for the kitchen as well as an informative blog.
  6. Project Foodie: Check out this blog for everything foodie. You’ll get access to recipes, articles about cookbooks, wine pairings and even links to foodie podcasts.
  7. ChowHound: Whether you’re looking for recipes or just want some guidance on how to cook certain foods, you’ll find both on this informative blog.
  8. Delicious Days: This blog is full of beautiful pictures as well as instruction, seasonal ideas and even a few great recipes to try. Named one of the "Coolest Websites" by Time Magazine, it’s a blog that can’t be missed.
  9. The Last Bite: Foodies can find recipes, reviews, products, news about food and much more on this blog.
  10. The Real Epicurean: Check out this blog to learn about certain foods, get recipes and find ideas on how to cook seasonally and do it well.


Tired of making the same old recipes from well-worn cookbooks? Use these great blogs to get inspired, with recipes for every season and occasion.

  1. 101 Cookbooks: This blog serves as a recipe journal and is geared more towards vegetarian main courses, though you will find the occasional recipe for a great dessert thrown in.
  2. Italian Foodies: Check out this blog for recipes from an Italian family living in Ireland. Warm up with a chickpea and spinach soup or add a twist to your coffee with some lemon cake.
  3. Baking and Books: Whether you want to make some sweet and delicious desserts or bake some muffins for a morning meeting, this blog can provide you with great recipes that will make your mouth water.
  4. The Recipe Girl: This blog contains a wide variety of recipes though it tends to focus on baking, and many recipes are seasonally appropriate, helping you make the most of the freshest ingredients.
  5. Chocolate and Zucchini: This blog features a great collection of recipes, historical information on cultural foods, and helpful tips for cooking at home.
  6. Is My Blog Burning?: Those with a love of cooking can find new recipes to try on this blog or share their own with others. It also provides a place for gourmands to meet and make friends with others.
  7. Kitchen Wonders: Craving some great Indian food? You’ll find all kinds of recipes on this site to get you started in the kitchen.
  8. Cooking with Amy: Here you can find appetizing recipes, restaurant and product reviews, culinary news and much more.
  9. Always in the Kitchen: If you find that you spend hours in the kitchen, why not spice things up with some new recipes from this blog? You’ll find loads of seasonal treats and classic favorites.
  10. in the kitchen with: This blog is perfect for creative foodies. It features different cooks each week with a great variety of delicious and inventive recipes.
  11. My Kitchen Snippets: This blog is full of great recipes from those for Chinese food to all kinds of delightful pastries.
  12. Coconut and Lime: Want to find some yummy new recipes? Give this blog a look for instructions on making all kinds of new and delicious meals.
  13. have cake, will travel: Foodies with a sweet tooth won’t be able to resist this blog, full of photos and recipes that will keep you coming back for more.
  14. The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Looking for some natural and from-scratch recipes? Look no further, you’ll find recipes and step-by-step instructions on making them (with photos) on this site.


Find information about restaurants, stores and more in your area that are worth your time to visit with the advice found in these blogs.

  1. Foodie NYC: This New York resident and foodie shares recipes and ideas for cooking as well as experiences dining out in the city.
  2. DC Foodies: Want to keep up with the food events going on in the DC area or just get some good recipes? Check out this blog for a little of both.
  3. Chef’s Table: In this blog you’ll find reviews and information about fine dining in the Twin Cities area as well as some helpful advice for You Gonna Eat That?: This blog covers the food goings ons of Southern California, from farmers’ markets to restaurant reviews.
  4. Serious Eats: This blog covers food news and reviews from all over the country from the healthy to the sweet and not-so-healthy.
  5. The Passionate Foodie: Read what this Maine native has to say about restaurants and food events in New England on this blog.
  6. The Gourmet Cartographer: Those who love to try all kinds of foods and live in the New York area will appreciate this fun and informative blog.
  7. A Food Year: Canadian native Ken Sloan uses this blog to give his reviews of numerous restaurants in the Montreal area.
  8. London Eater: Whether you’re looking for some advice on where to grab a bite to eat in London or just want to know how to choose a great wine, this blog can be a great help.
  9. Snack: Get the latest gossip about New York restaurants, cafes and food happenings on this blog.

Restaurants and Chefs

Where better to learn about food and new recipes than from the chefs and restaurants you love? You’ll find blogs of both kinds below.

  1. L20 Blog: Chef Alain Ducasse uses this blog to talk about the restaurant he’s opening and running in Chicago.
  2. Michael Laiskonis: This blogger is a Symon Says: Michael Symon of Lola and Lolita in Cleveland maintains this blog which details his adventures in the kitchen.
  3. Epi Log: Epi Log is home to a variety of chef bloggers including some big names like Traci des Jardins of Jardiniere in San Francisco and Rick Bayless of Topolabampo in Chicago.
  4. Ideas in Food: If you’re feeling cutting edge, check out this blog. Aki Kamozawa and H. Alexander Talbot use it to tell about their experiments with food, concentrating on molecular gastronomy and flavor composition.
  5. Kitchen Confidence: Matthew Tivy, a New York City chef, maintains this blog where he shares recipes and stories from his childhood.
  6. Marriott in the Kitchen: While you may not always think of hotels first when you think of fine dining, this blog details some of the great dishes offered by chef Brad Nelson.
  7. Becoming a Chef: This award-winning blog can keep you in the know about great places to eat and the adventures of authors Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page.
  8. Cooking with Jody: Learn from chef Jody Adams in this blog, with recipes and ideas to keep you busy in the kitchen.
  9. Pacific Grill: Chefs Aaron Valimont and Gordon Naccarato work at this Tacoma restaurant and post the latest happenings and special dishes in this blog.
  10. EggBeater: Follow chef Shauna Fish Lydon as she blogs about her life as a pastry chef in California.
  11. Curbed: Food lovers living in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles can get reviews of local eateries on this blog.
  12. TastingMenu: These Washington-based bloggers provide great reviews of restaurants in their area as well as around the world.
  13. Almost a Chef: While not quite a chef yet, this blogger provides numerous delicious recipes and ideas on this blog to keep you and your taste buds happy.

Gadgets and Tools

What’s a true foodie without a few neat kitchen gadgets? These blogs will point you towards all kinds of specialty tools.

  1. Kitchen Contraptions: If you’re the type who loves all kinds of kitchen gadgets, then you’ll love this blog, with tons of posts on everything imaginable you could need for your kitchen.
  2. CNET Appliances and Kitchen Gadgets: Check out this blog to get reviews and information about everything from cutting boards to refrigerators.
  3. Kitchen Gadgets Blog: This blog highlights great kitchen tools that you can buy online, that are both useful and look neat.
  4. Great Kitchen Tools Blog: Here you’ll find an assortment of kitchen tools that help you find just what you need to make any meal.
  5. Cooking Gadgets: If you’re a foodie who loves kitchen gadgets, you’ll appreciate the numerous innovative ones listed in the posts on this blog.
  6. Mighty Goods: Looking for yummy fancy foods? You’ll find loads of it here, from specialty chocolates to high end tequila.
  7. the kitchn: Here you’ll find all kinds of information on kitchen gadgets and specialty foods.

Everyday and Beginner

For foodies who are new on the scene or who are just craving some basic, easy-to-make foods, these blogs are great places to start.

  1. I Love Sandwiches: This blog focuses on all things "sandwichy" and provides tons of recipes for making super delicious combinations.
  2. Taste and Tell: This blogger is working through numerous recipes and you can follow the journey on this blog. Most recipes are easy to make and perfect for the foodie who isn’t a food snob.
  3. Fumbling Foodie: Every foodie has to start somewhere and if you’re just learning your way around the kitchen you can follow along with this blogger. You’ll find recipes appropriate for beginners and more.
  4. The Yummy Mummy Cooks Gourmet: This busy mom shares how she finds time to cook food that’s both gourmet and considerable edible by her kids.
  5. The Amateur Gourmet: This blog is home to simple recipes and ideas and general food information and insights for the non-expert foodie.
  6. Reluctant Gourmet: Newbies to the foodie sphere can find fancy recipes that have been translated into easy-to-understand examples, to allow you to indulge your love of food in a way that meets your level of expertise.

Travel and Exotic

Don’t limit your foodie tendencies to one country, learn where to go and what to try in a variety of countries in these blogs.

  1. Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations: Well known traveler and foodie Anthony Bourdain maintains this blog on the Travel Channel site. You can read more about his adventures and his commentary on eating all over the world.
  2. Weird Meat: For the adventurous foodie, this blog documents eating some of the more unusual elements of cuisines around the world.
  3. Travels with a Gourmet: This blog will no doubt make you hungry, with photos of food from restaurants in this blogger’s hometown and places visited while traveling as well.
  4. Wandering Gourmet: Wandering Gourmet is an international club for people who love travel and food, and you can read great reviews of restaurants and food events worldwide in their blog.
  5. Eating Asia: This blogging couple have lived and traveled throughout Asia for the past 12 years and their blog contains photos and descriptions of all kinds of delicacies from Malaysia, China, Thailand and Vietnam.
  6. Those thinking of taking a trip to Saigon can find photos and information on the best kinds of food to get there from this foodie blogger.
  7. Gastropoda: This foodie blog follows the adventures of a New York-based travel writer who writes about the food, both good and bad, she encounters on her travels.

Fellow Foodies

Enjoy the posts in these blogs by fellow food lovers to find recipes, suggestions or just drool over tantalizing photos.

  1. A Full Belly: Share in the love of food on this blog, which provides links to other great food sites as well as information about new foods and ideas for great, creative dinners.
  2. Gastronome: This group of bloggers focus their posts on the love of food, from sharing recipes to reviewing books.
  3. Spice Wild Schwein: This blog focuses on good food and drink and living life well. Readers will find irrisistable photos of food and tips on growing your own food.
  4. Urban Epicurean: Here, blogger Catherine shares her adventures into cooking as well as reviews and recipes.
  5. Last Crumb: Brother and sister Will and Rose maintain this blog where they share their culinary adventures in baking, preserving and more.
  6. A Passion for Food: This New York based blogger loves food and shares her experiences at restuarants and cooking at home in her blog.
  7. Winosandfoodies: This blog is home to reviews of restaurants, wine, books, movies and loads of other things that will appeal to your inner foodie.
  8. The Nibble: If you love specialty foods and yummy treats you’ll enjoy this blog, which is full of posts on the best of the best.
  9. Canelle et Vanille: Love baking? This blog will be right up your alley then, with loads of recipes for fancy, sweet treats.
  10. Gourmet Geeks: Embrace your inner gourmond with this blog, where you can learn about everything from the perfect latte to how to make great salsa.
  11. Bitten: Mark Bittman maintins this New York Times blog, which can help you learn to prepare speciality foods and provides great recipes to keep you busy in the kitchen.
  12. Orangette: This blog provides a number of great recipes for readers to try as well as some insightful and creative commentary as well.
  13. The Gourmet Project: This blogger wants to cook her way though over 1000 recipes and is documenting her process on her blog. The ambitious can get their own copy of the cookbook she’s using and follow along.

Foodies on a Budget

Don’t deny yourself the delicious foods you crave simply because you don’t have a lot of money. Check out these blogs for ideas on how to dine like a king with the budget of a pauper.

  1. The Cheap Gourmet: Check out this blog for guidance on eating gourmet without going broke. You’ll find recipes, suggestions for bargains and ways to make your budget go further in the kitchen.
  2. Almost Frugal Food: This site provides inspiration on stretching your food budget and weekly recipes that begin with the letter F.
  3. Frugal Cuisine: Based on a $3 a day budget, this blog provides recipes that can help you fill your belly with delicious foods without spending a fortune.
  4. Cheap Healthy Good: Don’t sacrifice taste because you’re on a budget. Check out the posts in this blog to learn how to make meals that are good for your health and your wallet.
  5. Cheap Eats: Whether you’re slumming at a fast food place or looking to get the best bargains on kitchen utensils, this site is your go-to place for cheap recommendations.
  6. The 99 Cent Chef: Who says you have to spend a fortune to cook inventive and delicious meals? This blog can show you how to cook great meals that only cost a dollar per serving.

Healthy and Green

If you’re a foodie on a diet, or just one that wants to eat greener, check out these helpful blogs.

  1. Carrots N Cake: Readers of this food blog will get tips on how to maintain a healthy balance in their meals and their lives.
  2. The Skinny Gourmet: This blogger proves that you can eat delicious, rich foods without being unhealthy provided you enjoy them in moderation. Check out the blog for great recipes to satisfy your craving for gourmet meals without expanding your waistline.
  3. Whole Gourmet: From shopping to the dinner table, this blog tells you how to prepared wholesome and natural meals.
  4. Skinny Chef: Learn how to stay slim while indulging the foodie in you with healthy eating tips from chef Jennifer Iserloh.
  5. Feel Good Eats: Check out this blog to find gourmet suggestions that use local or seasonal ingredients to ensure you’re eating fresh and healthy meals.
  6. 7 Minute Chef: You can learn to prep quick and healthy meals on this blog which is focused on vegan and raw recipes. You’ll also find reviews and suggestions to help you out around the kitchen.
  7. We Like it Raw: Thinking of starting a raw food diet? Check out this blog for recipes and tips on eating out.
  8. Nourish Me: This blog is full of great photos of fresh, natural foods that are sure to inspire your imagination in the kitchen.
  9. The Slow Cook: Not every entry on this blog is about health food, but it does discourage the eating of fast food and pre-packaged meals. Instead, you’ll find advice on how to cook meals the old fashioned way.
  10. Healthy Cooking: If you’re looking for some healthy recipes, this site can be a good resource, with posts on everything from soups to pastas.
  11. Healthy Snack Box: Learn how to use fruits and veggies to make healthy and satisfying snacks from this site. You can even use your foodie skills to spice up the recipes.
  12. Mostly Eating: If you’re looking for some tasty, sustainable and healthy food check out this blog for some wonderful recipes.
  13. Phlebotomy Technician Schools: The HealthZone blog covers food from a medical professionals point of view.
  14. A Thinking Stomach: This blogger grows her own food and uses local resources to come up with recipes she shares on this blog. You’ll also find a few tips on gardening as well.

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