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Food for Thought – Eat for the Environment

Posted by Site Administrator | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 12-12-2008

By Kelly Kilpatrick

There’s a running argument that I have each time I meet my dad – I stress on the eco-friendly aspects of our daily life that each of us can contribute to save our planet from an early death, and he is pretty vocal about the fact that man has reached the end of the road, that there’s no turning back to set things right unless we forgo technology in its entirety and go back to living as our ancestors did, with no electricity, no machines and no mechanized transportation. And since that’s impossible today, he says that no amount of organic awareness is enough to help the environment and restore the balance that we seek.

Truth be told, there are days when I despair that there’s a smidgen of truth in his words, but that’s no reason not to even try. Little drops of water make the large ocean, and if each of us contributed a bucketful, I’m sure we can pass on an Earth that’s not been poisoned and raped of all her goodness to our children and the future generations to come. For example, if we were to become just a little more conscious about the food we eat, we could proudly say that we are doing our bit towards saving our environment. It’s not that difficult when you put your mind to it; we all make healthy food choices when it comes to our body – we want to look slim and get fit, so we consciously avoid fatty and oily foods and eat more of nutritious fruits and vegetables. Similarly, there are food choices that we can make to extend the life span of our planet:

Cutting down on beef consumption helps to reduce the production of greenhouse gases since cows have been proven to produce 18 percent of these emissions.

Eating food grown locally, in and around your area, helps reduce the amount of fossil fuel expended in transporting food from other places to where you live.

Eating natural and fresh food rather than processed or canned goods reduces the need to expend energy in processing the food.

Switching to organic foods means you’re preventing toxic chemicals and pesticides from polluting the earth and its natural resources.

Using solar or other sustainable power sources to cook your food helps you save energy. Alternatively, you could eat more of foods that can be consumed raw.

Avoiding wastage of food is also an eco-friendly measure.

Our planet is teeming with men and women, each of whom can make a difference, if they only make the effort.