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100 Must-Have Sites for Vegans, Vegetarians and Locavores

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By Holly McCarthy

As the world becomes more aware of animal rights, environmental issues, and the benefits of a plant-based local diet, interest in the vegan, vegetarian, and locavore lifestyle grows. As such, there are many different resources for ethical diets online. We’ve listed 100 of the best of these, which offer recipes, ethical shopping, information, and so much more.


With these recipe sites, you’ll find everything you need to create a tasty ethical meal.

  1. VegCooking: Visit this website to find excellent vegetarian recipes including a shopping guide, cookbook recommendations, and restaurant reviews.
  2. VegWeb: On VegWeb, you’ll find plenty of vegan recipes and cooking tips.
  3. In a Vegetarian Kitchen: Nava Atlas’ site has healthy cooking tips, vegetarian recipes, and vegetarian nutrition information.
  4. Vegan-Food: This website shares vegetarian and vegan recipes as well as advice for readers.
  5. Vegetarian Times: The Vegetarian Times offers itself as the world’s largest collection of vegetarian recipes.
  6. The Enlightened Kitchen: Marie Oser offers recipes and other resources for vegetarian eating on this website.


Vegans will find lots of great information and resources through these websites.

  1. Vegan Outreach: Learn about vegan advocacy, health, and more on this website.
  2. Vegan Society: This website supports a lifestyle free of animal products.
  3. Veganism: Veganism offers an animal rights FAQ and information about becoming vegan.
  4. Check out this blog to learn about Vegan issues, including groceries, books, festivals, and recipes.
  5. Vegan Values: Dr. Stanley Sapon shares articles and essays explaining vegan values.
  6. SuperVegan: This blog offers a look into the vegan lifestyle and recommendations for vegan-friendly New York City restaurants.
  7. VEGAN: On this website, you’ll find resources and information for people interested in the vegan lifestyle.


If you’re a vegetarian, or are considering a vegetarian lifestyle, be sure to check out these websites.

  1. VegFamily: offers plenty of resources for vegetarian families.
  2. Meatout: This campaign promotes meat-free education activities that culminate on a March 20th "Meatout."
  3. Milk Sucks!: Learn how to live dairy free on this website.
  4. ChooseVeggie: Check out this website to order a Vegetarian Starter Kit.
  5. FamousVeggie: Visit FamousVeggie to get inspired by celebrities who have adopted a meat-free lifestyle.
  6. The Vegetarian Resource Group: Find an online restaurant guide, menus for diabetics, information about soy, and more on this vegetarian resource website.
  7. JesusVeg: Find out why Christians should adopt a vegetarian lifestyle and become stewards of animals on this website.
  8. Veg for Life: This website will help you learn why going vegetarian is important for your health, the earth, and animals.
  9. Vegetarians in Paradise: This Los Angeles internet magazine for vegetarians offers articles, restaurant reviews, and more resources for living as a vegetarian in the city.
  10. HappyCow: HappyCow offers a vegetarian guide to restaurants and health food stores.


These websites offer resources for vegans and vegetarians alike.

  1. EatVeg: Find resources for vegan and vegetarian living, recipes, relationships, and more on EatVeg.
  2. GoVeg: GoVeg offers excellent information and resources for maintaining a cruelty free diet.
  3. VegSource: On this site, you’ll find recipes, discussion boards, articles, and a store to support your vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.
  4. VegDining: This website will help you find vegan and vegetarian restaurants around the world.


Locavores can find lots of great information and guides through these websites.

  1. Eat Well Guide: With the Eat Well Guide, you can find local, sustainable, and organic food just about anywhere.
  2. This unofficially official website for locavores has tons of useful recipes, guidelines, and more for locavores.
  3. The Aspirant Locavore’s Weblog: On this blog, you’ll learn about a person who tries to eat more local more often.
  4. Diary of a Locavore: Read this blog to see how a locavore cooks and eats.
  5. Slow Food USA: Slow Food supports local, clean, and fair food.
  6. Localette: Localette shares information about food and local living.
  7. Local Food Blog: This blog is written by a woman who grows her own food and supports local eating.
  8. Northeast Kingdon Localvores: Get resources and ideas for local living in Vermont.
  9. Eat Local Challenge: Check out this website and take the challenge to eat more locally.
  10. Gulf Coast Local Food: This blog follows a family as they do their best to eat local in the Gulf Coast.
  11. Living Locally in Los Angeles: This blogger shares information and resources for a more local lifestyle in Los Angeles.
  12. Sustainable Table: The Sustainable Table offers information for finding local food, and other ways you can eat more sustainably.
  13. The Local Foods Wheel: This wheel will help you determine which foods are in season in San Francisco throughout the year. Soon, the wheel will offer information for New York City as well.
  14. The 100 Mile Diet: Read the 100 Mile Diet to find out how this locavore eats.
  15. The Corridor Locavore: Read this resource for locavores in Eastern Iowa and beyond.
  16. Local Harvest: Use this website to find local farms, farmer’s markets, and community farms.
  17. No Impact Man: Part of No Impact Man’s experiment included eating mostly local food.
  18. Buy Fresh Buy Local: This website shares information about finding the local foods of California.


Check out these organizations that offer support to vegans, vegetarians, and locavores.

  1. Christian Vegetarian Association: This organization promotes a vegetarian lifestyle, and offers biblical reasons to become a vegetarian.
  2. Alliance for Animals: This group offers information about animal cruelty as well as rants and raves about current events in animal rights.
  3. Farm Aid: Farm Aid supports farmers that make eating locally possible.
  4. VivaVegie Society: The VivaVegie Society shares information about vegetarianism, and even puts on the Veggie Pride Parade in New York City.
  5. Organic Athlete: Join this organization to get support from athletes that believe in a whole food, vegan diet.
  6. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals: PETA encourages people to go vegetarian or vegan, and offers often very visible activism in the field of animal rights.
  7. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine: The PCRM is a nonprofit organization that focuses on preventive medicine, including a vegan diet.
  8. International Vegetarian Union: The International Vegetarian Union supports vegetarianism worldwide, and offers visitors resources for finding veggie-friendly lodging, restarurants, and stores around the world.
  9. Jewish Vegetarians of North America: On this website, you’ll find out why vegetarianism is morally important for Jews.
  10. EarthSave: EarthSave promotes a plant-based diet for healthier food and a healthier planet.

Local Guides

Connect with local people and resources that support your lifestyle through these sites.

  1. Boston Vegetarian Society: As part of the Boston Vegetarian Society, you’ll be a part of creating a healthier and more humane way of life in Boston.
  2. VegSanDiego: Learn about San Diego vegetarian events, local resources and more on this website.
  3. Toronto Vegetarian Association: This association supports vegetarians in Toronto and beyond.
  4. VegDC: Find restaruants, caterers, bakeries, and other vegetarian resources in Washington DC through this online group.
  5. VegIllinois: Follow this guide to vegetarian life in Illinois to find restaurants, organizations, and more.
  6. VegColorado: Learn how to thrive as a vegan or vegetarian living in Colorado from this organization.
  7. VegPA: Pennsylvania vegetarians can use VegPA to find businesses and resources that cater to vegetarians in the state.
  8. VegTampaBay: Tampa Bay residents can take advantage of this website that has vegetarian and vegan groups, a restaurant guide, and more than 6,000 vegetarian recipes.
  9. Northwest VEG: This vegetarian education and empowerment group supports vegetarians in Portland, Oregon, and beyond.
  10. VegAustin: On the VegAustin website, you’ll find restaruants, groceries, catering and other resources for eating vegan and vegetarian in Austin.
  11. VegOhio: Check out VegOhio, and you will get connected with veg-friendly resources throughout Ohio.
  12. Salem Vegan Society: Get recipes, activities and more for vegans in Salem, Massachusetts from this group.
  13. VegMadison: Visit VegMadison to learn about veggie friendly restaurants and businesses in the area.
  14. Veg Seattle: Learn how to go vegetarian in Seattle and where to find vegetarian resources throughout the region with this website.
  15. Vegetarian Society of Hawaii: The Vegetarian Society of Hawaii shares cooking demonstrations, guest speakers, and more for its members.
  16. VegPortland: Find the best of what Portland has to offer vegetarians through this website.


Join these communities to find people who support your lifestyle.

  1. VegSource: In this online vegetarian community, you can find discussion groups and resources from experts.
  2. VeggieBoards: This message board is exclusively for vegetarians and vegans.
  3. Cheap Vegan: These Live Journal users eat cheaply as vegans and share their experiences.
  4. Care2: In this online community, you’ll find resources for healthy living and animal welfare.
  5. VeggieDate: Find a fellow vegan, vegetarian, or locavore to love on this website.
  6. The Vegan Forum: Join this forum to talk to other vegans, or just learn more about becoming a vegan.
  7. VegHaven: Check out VegHaven to see how other vegans and vegetarians are making a difference in the world.
  8. Vegan Cooking: Check out this community to find tips, resources, and more for vegan cooking.
  9. Free Range Review: This community reviews local food and more.
  10. Veg Space: Veg Space is social networking for vegans and vegetarians, featuring groups, member profiles and more.
  11. Cool Vegan: This is where all of the coolest vegans hang out online.
  12. VeggieConnection: In this community, you’ll be able to meet other vegetarians around the world.
  13. Black Vegetarians: Join this online community that covers the issues relating to black vegetarians.
  14. Vegetable Killers: Check out this forum to meet people who kill vegetables and aren’t afraid to admit it.
  15. Live Journal Locavores: This community on Live Journal supports and provides resources for those who practice a locavore lifestyle.
  16. Peta2: On Peta2, you’ll find lots of other young animal rights activists and vegetarians.
  17. Locallectual: Locallectual will make it easy for you to find local goods and connect with others who are living a local lifestyle.
  18. Vegans in Intentional Community: Learn about other vegans in communities and find or create your own.

Ethical Stores

Check out these online shops that offer guilt free goods.

  1. Vegan Gift Shop: The Vegan Gift Shop offers fun and friendly vegan gifts as well as everyday items including groceries.
  2. Ahimsa Footwear: Ahimsa is a vegan boutique that offers eco friendly and sweatshop free shoes and accessories.
  3. Ethical Planet: Ethical Planet sells goods that are made with the earth and animal life in mind.
  4. Endangered Species Chocolate: These all natural and organic chocolate bars and treats support endangered species.
  5. Alternative Outfitters: Check out Alternative Outfitters for cruelty free products and leather alternatives.
  6. One Stop Vegan Shop: On this site, you’ll find vegan products including cookies, toys, and cosmetics.
  7. Vegan Pangea’s Vegan Store offers vegan goods made in countries where workers are protected.
  8. Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe: This online shop is 100% vegan.
  9. Vegan Essentials: Vegan Essentials offers all-vegan products with no animal testing or animal products.

Animal Rights

Get information and resources for animal rights through these websites.

  1. Action for AnimalsAnimal Rights Coalition: Action for Animals supports a vegan lifestyle as a way to end animal suffering.
  2. Animal Rescue & Care: The ARC supports animal rights, including a meat-free diet.