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By Jessica Merritt

In the culinary world, food isn’t the only thing with a rabid following. Beer and wine are important to a foodie’s palate as well. You’ll find that many alcohol enthusiasts choose to take their love for beer and wine online in the form of blogs, and we’ve highlighted 100 of the best here.

Beer Appreciation

These bloggers share their unique insight into beer.

  1. The Brew Basement: Read about the art of cellaring beer on this blog.
  2. A Good Beer Blog: In this international beer blog, you’ll read about the beer drinking experiences of a variety of bloggers.
  3. Beer Radar: Joe Sixpack’s blog is all about breweries, food, and the enjoyment of a good beer.
  4. A Beer Sort of Blog: Check out this beer lover’s blog for beer news, recipes, and more.
  5. brewvana: Check out this blog that takes a look at beer’s role in a good life.
  6. Confessions of a Beer Geek: This blog spreads the gospel of craft beer.
  7. Beer at Joe’s: Find out what Joe and Jasmine think about beer.
  8. [BW] Beer Blog: Bob Woodshed drinks entirely too much good beer.
  9. Appellation Beer: This blog explores the wonder of beer without getting pretentious.
  10. 52 Brews: Every week, this blog features the tasting of a new beer.
  11. Beer Lass: This female beer drinker enjoys a good stout.
  12. Beer 4 Chicks: This blog promotes female beer enthusiasts.
  13. Beer Haiku Daily: This blog offers a simple premise-a daily haiku about beer.
  14. Cure for What Ales You: These bloggers share the enjoyment of craft beer on their blog.
  15. The Barley Blog: The Barley Blog features discussions about quality brew, advertising, culture, and home brewing.
  16. Beer by Bike: In this blog, you’ll find the musings of a biking beer enthusiast.
  17. Stonch’s Beer Blog: Follow the drinking life of a beer lover in London on this blog.
  18. Beer Pusher: Read this multiple author blog to learn about beer appreciation.

Wine Appreciation

Read all about wine from the people who love it the most in these blogs.

  1. Dr. Vino: Dr. Vino offers good value recommendations for wine, and offers a unique look at wine culture.
  2. The Pour: Check out this New York Times blog to find out what Eric Asimov thinks of wine.
  3. Wine Sooth: This blogger shares commentary on the world of wine, specifically in the Central Coast.
  4. Sublime Wine: Read all about the wines of the world on this tasting blog.
  5. My Wine Education: Michelle & Kevin share notes on their growing knowledge of wine.
  6. Wine Library TV: Gary Veynerchuk shares good wine deals, news, tastings, and more.
  7. Cheap Wine Ratings: Check out this blog for the honest truth on good (and not so good) wine that won’t break the bank.
  8. 750ml: On this blog, you’ll find tasting notes for hundreds of wines.
  9. Good Wine Under $20: This useful blog appeals to wine lovers with limited funds.
  10. Grape Radio: This radio program is all about the noble grape.
  11. Catavino: Catavino explores the wines of Spain, Portugal, and surrounding regions.
  12. Blame it on Rioja: Learn about Spanish winemaking, tasting notes, travel, and more from this blogger.
  13. Napa Valley Wine Radio: Listen to these wine experts to get educated.
  14. Grape Juice: Read what Canadians Erin and Michelle have to say about wine and wine tastings.
  15. Chateau Petrogasm: In this blog, you’ll find reviews of wine and the occasional beer.
  16. UnReserved: This Wine Enthusiast blog by Steve Heimoff is all about the business and culture of wine.
  17. Wine Anorak: Wine journalist Jamie Goode shares his musings on wine.
  18. Wine Burps: This blog offers a down to earth look at the enjoyment of wine.
  19. Good Grape: Good Grape is a wine blog written not for connoiseurs, collectors, or the wine elite, but enthusiasts, poets, and romantics.

Wine, Beer & Food

Read these blogs to learn how beer, food, and wine interact and complement each other.

  1. AficioNada: This blog celebrates the best food and wine creators.
  2. Beer In Food: If you’re interested in , this is the blog to check out.
  3. Feed Me/Drink Me: Learn about drinking and dining on this blog.
  4. Wild Walla Walla Wine Woman: Catie believes in cabernet, cheese, chocolate, and coffee.
  5. Vinography: Read about this blogger’s wine and food adventures from around the world, and particularly San Francisco.
  6. Brooklynguy’s Wine and Food Blog: Read this blog to learn about food and wine in Brooklyn.
  7. Beer Dinners: Get ideas and resources for hosting a beer dinner from this blog.
  8. food, wine, beer, culture: Check out this blog to find out how food, wine, beer, and culture interact.
  9. Drinks Are On Me: Dale Cruse appreciates the finer things in food, wine, and beer.


Check out these blogs, and you’ll get a look into the beer and wine business.

  1. Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog: Read Tom Wark’s blog to learn about wine public relations.
  2. Ship Compliant: Learn all about shipping wine on this blog.
  3. Rethink Wine Blog: This blog offers fresh ideas for the wine business.
  4. Bigger Than Your Head: Take a critical look at the creation, marketing, and other interesting aspects of food and alcohol.
  5. Free The Hops: Read this blog to learn how this group is working to make specialty beer more widely available in Alabama.
  6. Corked: A Wine Blog: Corked is written by the makers of wine labels, and discusses the wine industry.
  7. Vinfolio: The Wine Collector: Learn all about wine investment on this blog.
  8. Wine Marketer: This blog is focused on online marketing for wineries.
  9. Wine & Spirits Daily: Here you’ll find commentary and news for the alcohol beverage industry.
  10. Wine Without Borders: Learn about events, legal issues, media, shipping and more on this wine business blog.
  11. bevlog: Check out this blog that offers a look at beverage law.


These bloggers pair beer and wine with world travels.

  1. Postcards From a Barstool: Follow along with a beer traveler on this blog.
  2. In Vino Veritas: Alice Feiring looks for good wines that tell a story.
  3. The Beer Geek: Check out this blog to read the ramblings of beer travelers.
  4. On the Wine Trail in Italy: Alfonso Cevola’s blog is all about wine in Italy and beyond.

Beer & Wine News

Stay on top of the latest in beer and wine news through these blogs.

  1. Seen Through a Glass: Law Bryson discusses tasting notes, news, and more relating to beer and whiskey.
  2. Buzzed: Wine and spirits journalist Jordan Mackay shares his insight into the latest in the industry.
  3. Wine Blog: Jo Diaz shares wine tastings, industry news, and more on this wine blog.
  4. Seven Pack Beer Blog: On this blog, you’ll find features on events and beer news like the IPA Showdown, breweries, and even gluten free beers.
  5. Lenndevours: Read all about wine tastings, regions, wineries, events, and more on this blog.
  6. Beer Therapy: Find out about new releases and developments in the world of beer from this blog.
  7. Brookston Beer Bulletin: This blog will keep you updated on all of the latest beer happenings.

Responsible Beer

These beer blogs serve a higher purpose.

  1. Beer Locavore: Read about one beer lover’s quest to drink only local beer for an entire year.
  2. Beer Activist: Read this blog to see how this blogger combines his two favorite things: drinking beer and saving the world.


Follow the challenges and successes of these bloggers that brew their own wine and beer.

  1. Brew Like A Monk: This blog is all about beer that’s brewed in abbey and trappist style.
  2. Brainard Brewing: Brainard Brewing blogs about homebrew, beer dinners, and more.
  3. Ted’s Homebrew Journal: Ted brews stovetop kitchen craft beers with expert skill.
  4. Les Garagistes: One of the few wine homebrewing blogs, this one covers winemaing, tasting, and more.
  5. CNYBrew: Travis offers recipes, homebrewing tips, and information about growing your own hops.
  6. BeerSmith: On this blog, you’ll read about home brewing, beer styles, and recipes.
  7. The Champagne of Blogs: Check out this homebrewing and extreme food collective for beer reviews, news, and food.
  8. Bathtub Brewery: Check out this homebrewing blog for etiquette, tips, and more.
  9. Geistbear Brewing Blog: This homebrewer discusses the art and science of good beer.
  10. Homebrew and Chemistry: This chemistry student discusses homebrewing as a science.
  11. Brewed Musings: Read this brewer’s blog for beer talk with a lot of thought.

Brewery Blogs

Get the official word from these brewery bloggers.

  1. Bearded Brewing Blog: This blog from the Bearded Brewing Co. discusses socially responsible and organic brewing.
  2. Flying Dog Brewery News: Check out this blog to stay on top of news from a popular Colorado brewery.
  3. Metropolitan Brewing: Follow along as this fledgling brewery gets its start in the business.
  4. How to Start a Brewery (in 1 million easy steps): Here you’ll get a look at a fledging father and son brewery.
  5. Muckney Brewing: Dave and Justin of Muckney Brewing discuss brewing and drinking beer.
  6. The Lost Abbey: Learn more about Lost Abbey and the beer industry on this blog.
  7. Midnight Brewing Co.: These two homebrewers have declared themselves a brewery.
  8. Cameron’s Brewing: In this blog, you’ll find a beer connoisseur.
  9. Flossmoor Beer Blog: Read this blog to learn about Flossmoor Station’s brewery as well as news in the beer industry.
  10. Monday Night Brewery: Follow these three wild and crazy guys on their quest to open a microbrewery.
  11. Open Source Beer Project: Flying Dog Brewery is behind this blog and project that encourages collaborative beer.
  12. Shoreman Organic Ales: Learn all about this brewery that creates small batch handmade organic ales.

Winery Blogs

Stay on top of the activities from your favorite wineries through these blogs.

  1. Anomaly Vineyards: This small Napa Valley vineyard shares insight into their wine making as well as the winery lifestyle.
  2. El Bloggo Toricido: Twisted Oak Winery writes this blog about winemaking business and culture.
  3. La Gramiere: Check out this blog to learn about small organic and biodynamic winemaking in the south of France.
  4. Tablas Creek Vineyard Blog: On this blog, you’ll be updated on the regular goings on at Tablas Creek.
  5. Beaucastel Blog: Check out Beaucastel for travel, tasting notes, winery news, and more.
  6. Chateau Julien: Bob and Patty Brower discuss wine life and culture relating to their well established wine estate in Carmel Valley, California.
  7. Terrior…Dirty Talk on Wine: Dirk Hampson of Far Niente Winery shares his thoughts about what’s going on in their wineries.

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