Top 100 Blogs for the Frugal Gourmet

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With times being tough for many people out there, buying luxury food and drinks isn’t a top priority. Yet cutting back on spending and being more frugal with money doesn’t have to mean you can indulge your inner chef. These 100 blogs explain how you can be more of a frugal gourmet, allowing you to pinch pennies while still getting to fill your stomach with all the delicious food you love.


These blogs offer some great tips, recipes and ideas for eating well while saving money.

  1. This Irish website is a great place to look for tips on budget foods, shopping well and much more.
  2. Frugal Cooking: Here you’ll find recipes and tips for cooking food that’s not only healthy and tasty, but inexpensive as well.
  3. The Cheap Gourmet: For those who want to eat the best but don’t want to pay outrageous prices, this blog can be a great place to find recipes and suggestions.
  4. Almost Frugal Food: From gadgets that can help you cook more cheaply to recipes that look and taste expensive without the painful price tag, this blog has loads to offer frugal foodies.
  5. $5 Dinners: Learn how to stretch your dollars further with these ideas for dinner that are on the cheap side but don’t sacrifice taste.
  6. Frugal Connoisseur: Check out this blog that will give you the lowdown on frugal foods from wine and beer to chocolate and cheese.
  7. Budget Gourmet Kitchen: This blogger explains ways that you can use items from your own garden, seasonal veggies and more to create indulgent, delicious items. Best of all, you won’t go broke doing it.
  8. Make It from Scratch: Shun those processed foods and learn to make just about anything from scratch from this blog with everything from wonderful recipes to baby products.
  9. Foodie on a Budget: Part of the website Chow, this blog is home to loads of articles and tips that can help you eat well.
  10. The Budget Foodie: Learn to do gourmet for less from this blog that provides grocery shopping tips, cool frugal products and yummy recipes.
  11. The Laid Off Gourmet: Feeling the pinch because you’re between jobs? You’re not the only one. This blogger helps you keep up with your taste for well-made foods while keeping your spending in check.
  12. Choosy Beggars: These bloggers show that just because you’re short on funds doesn’t mean you have to just take any old food that comes your way. Check out the site for tons of great recipes that won’t set you back a ton.

Frugal Cooks

These cooks show you some simple ways to create high end meals and low end costs.

  1. Sanaa Cooks: This Mediterranean chef shares her recipes, many of which are vegan or gluten free, and none of which will cost you a fortune to make.
  2. Dude, Where’s the Stove?: With posts that provide dollar recipes, this blogger and foodie’s site is a great resource for finding good food for less. Some recipes even include cost information so you’ll know just what you’re getting into when cooking.
  3. The 99 Cent Chef: This blogger cooks and finds meals that costs, you guessed it, 99 cents. For those who are looking for alternatives to those packages of ramen, this site can be a great inspiration.
  4. Too Many Chefs: This frugal chef will help you learn to follow the old adage "waste not, want not." You’ll find tips to help you cut your spending while still filling your belly.
  5. Chronicles of a Curious Cook: Here you’ll find an assortment of creative ideas to create a wide range of meals all on a tight budget.
  6. The Guerilla Gourmet: Bloggers and food enthusiasts Eric and Tiffany show readers how to make awesome food at radically cheap prices.

Budget Recipes

Check out these blogs for great recipes that won’t bust your budget.

  1. Food Revolution: Get a wide selection of recipes on this site from desserts to main courses, many of which have detailed cost information to help you know how much you’ll need to budget to make them.
  2. Easy Cheap Recipes: The title of this blog lays it out. Readers will find recipes that are good, simple and frugal.
  3. I Think I Have a Recipe for That: This blogger is trying to stick to a budget of $70 a week for two. Check out the site for tasty recipes and tips.
  4. Frugal Recipes: With recipes that have been created or tweaked to be more affordable, this blog can will help you learn to make simple things for less.
  5. Cheap Check out this site for cheap recipes designed for the family as well as tips for saving big at the grocery store.
  6. CheapRecipes: Need to save money because times are tough for you? These recipes are designed to do just that.
  7. Burgers Today: Have a craving for a delicious burger but can’t deal with the cost of eating out? This site is full of recipes for the best burgers that you can make from your own home.
  8. One Frugal Foodie: This blogger believes that eating well shouldn’t be expensive and offers loads of recipes that are both delicious and reasonably priced.
  9. The Economical Epicurean: Foodies can find recipes in this blog that will meet their needs for the finer foods without requiring an expansive wallet.
  10. The Haute Kitchen: Enjoy the haute cuisine recipes in this blog, many of which use affordable, seasonable ingredients.
  11. Eat Food Not Money Cookbook: The recipes on this blog are designed to help you eat like a king without the royal budget. Best of all, you’ll get price listings for all the posts.
  12. Ginger Lemon Girl: Love southern cooking? Can’t have gluten? This blog is perfect for you then, with loads of frugal and yummy recipes.

Family Cooking

These blogs will provide great advice on cooking cheap and healthy food for a whole family, not just yourself.

  1. Frugal Homekeeping: This mom provides her favorite recipes and ideas for eating well on a budget.
  2. Cheap Family Meals: Feeding a family on a budget can be a struggle sometimes, especially if you want them to eat well. Recipes found here can help make it a little easier.
  3. Frugal Feasts: Between the two of them, these moms have 13 kids, and feeding them well is no easy feat. Check out the site for tips and recipes.
  4. Cheap Cookin’ Mama: This mom shares her tips for cutting costs on healthy meals for her kids.
  5. Frugal Family Foodies: Here you’ll find recipes and ideas for meals for a family that are made with seasonal, fresh ingredients.
  6. Frantic Home Cook: You feeling frantic? Trying to quickly get a meal together for the family? This site is full of last minute recipes that are fancy, tasty and frugal.
  7. The Daily Dish: Check out this site for family friendly recipes that won’t leave your wallet empty.
  8. Makeshift Meals: Ever had to make due with cooking what’s around the house? This blog is the perfect place to find delicious recipes for those last minute meals when you just don’t have time to make it to the store.
  9. Save a Dime in ’09: This practical mom of two shares her secrets for keeping things frugal, planning meals, and making healthy food.
  10. Prudence Pennywise: Billed as "scandalously good food on a budget" with the purpose of sharing ideas of how to feed a family of 4 on less than $100 a week.

Student Eating

Just because you’re a student without much money doesn’t mean you can’t eat well. Check out these blogs for tips and suggestions.

  1. Gourmet on a Grant: This student loves good food and drink but has a limited budget. Posts on his blog provide ideas on ways to eat well even if you don’t have a ton of resources.
  2. The Frugal Gourmand: This blog is full of recommendations of ways that those in college and beyond can eat cheaply, with the majority of posts focusing on those guilty pleasures like fast food.
  3. The Starving Student: Just because you’re a student doesn’t mean you’re stuck eating pre-packaged foods. This blogger details ways to eat healthy while staying under budget.
  4. HungryGrad: This grad student is trying to eat well on a shoestring budget, providing reviews and recipes to aid other students in the same boat.
  5. Beyond Baked Beans: This blog offers some great, cheap alternatives to crappy, pre-packaged foods common with college students.
  6. Cheap Eats: Sometimes cost means more than quality, and for those days, this blog can provide essential advice. You’ll find reviews of the cheapest eats out there.

Veggies and Vegans

Here you’ll learn how to cook frugal and delicious food, without harming any animals in the process.

  1. Dinner’s Ready: These vegan bloggers share some delicious and healthy recipes on their blog.
  2. Vegetarian Frugal Housewife: Check out this blog to get tips from this vegetarian blogger on cooking well, saving money and much more.
  3. Vegan Diva’s Blog: From suggestions when eating out to ideas for great homemade meals, you’ll find it all on this vegan blog.
  4. Frugal Veggie Mama: This mom and fitness instructor shares her suggestions for ways to eat healthy and vegetarian while being frugal.
  5. Vegetarian on the Cheap: Here you’ll find tips for eating right and sticking to your budget.
  6. Vegan on the Cheap: Being a vegan doesn’t have to spell doom for your budget as this blogger suggests.
  7. Veganbot: From other kinds of pasta to try to vegan options from the grocery store, this blog offers a range of budget vegan options.

Stretching It

These bloggers are all about helping you make your gourmet meals go further.

  1. Reactive Cooking: This blog is all about avoiding food waste, with recipes that help you to use up the ingredients in your kitchen.
  2. The Leftover Queen: Learn to make the most of your leftovers with a little help from this blog.
  3. Love Food Hate Waste: When you’re on a budget, wasting food is simply not an option. This blog will help you cook great meals that reduce your food waste.
  4. Leftover Lovers: Check out this blog to learn how to use those leftovers to make another great meal.
  5. 30 Day Cafe: Cooking ahead and freezing food can be a great way to eat well without wasting food or spending hours cooking after a long day at work. Learn more from this site.
  6. Real Life Food Storage: This blogger tries to cook with items that can be stored over the long term, like beans, rice and oats. These foods can be tasty but are also some of the cheapest you can buy.
  7. Leftover Grub: Learn ways you can combine last night’s gourmet meal into a myriad of other dishes to make food the gift that just keeps giving.
  8. The Frugal Cook: From spending less on food to making the most of the meals you cook, this blogger is all about helping you stretch your food budget.

Grocery Shopping

One way to save money on cooking is by getting the best deals on the food at the grocery store. These blogs are full of tips and tricks to help you get more for less.

  1. Best Bites Blog: While some of the posts on this blog focus on eating out, many tell you just where to shop and what to buy to build frugal meals.
  2. 30 Bucks a Week: Could you get by on 30 dollars a week for food? See what this blogger spends her money on while still eating well.
  3. Money Saving Mom: Learn how to make the most from your grocery budget from this savings centered mom.
  4. Cheap-o’s Story: Follow the tips of this blogger to learn how to make coupons, sales and deals your friends.
  5. Consumer Queen: Check out this blog to learn about ways you can get food and other products for free or cheap.
  6. The $200 Mission: Think you could feed your family on only $200 a month? This mom shows you just how she’s doing it, day by day.
  7. The Centsible Sawyer: This mom provides tips and suggestions for how to save big on food and everything else.
  8. Cheap Grocery Blog: Visit this blog regularly to find out what you can get cheaply.

Frugal and More

While sections of these blogs are dedicated to frugal foods, they offer much more than just tips on saving on eating.

  1. Get Rich Slowly: Check out this popular blog to discover ways to save on meals as well as loads of other expenses.
  2. SlashFood Frugal: This blog is all about foods, check out the section that focuses on frugality to get articles and ideas all about saving on sustenance.
  3. The Nourishing Gourmet: Here you’ll find the frugal focused section of this food blog, containing numerous recipes.
  4. Survival Tips for the Working Poor: If you’re not making much and need some advice on saving on food, check out this blog.
  5. Why Pay More?: Really, why would you? This blog shares tips on how you can save on just about everything, including food.
  6. Frugal for Life: With tips on using, spending and wasting less, this blog can help you bring your spending on food into check.
  7. Frugal Granola: This mom shares her tips on living frugally, including preparing meals for less and reducing food waste.
  8. Our Frugal Experiment: This blog is home to tons of tips on saving money on everything from face soap to homemade orange julius.
  9. Thrifty Hearts: Dedicated to helping families around the world eat better for less, this blog is full of freebies, meals that go further and much more.
  10. Notes from the Frugal Trenches: Follow this blogger as she attempts to scale back on her spending and live a more frugal life, eating and grocery shopping included.

Healthy and Green

Cutting back on spending doesn’t mean sacrificing a commitment to green, organic or health foods. These bloggers show you how to spend less and stay healthy.

  1. Sustainable Pantry: With simple recipes that are good for you and make use of pantry staples, this blog can help you eat well while making the most of every grocery dollar.
  2. Cheap Healthy Good: Here you’ll find articles and recipes that quite simply, fit the title of the blog to a tee.
  3. Budget Health Nut: Make healthy choices without worrying about the cost with a little assistance from this blog.
  4. Frugal Health Choices: Learn how to make healthy choices for your life even if you’re on a budget that doesn’t leave a lot of room for extras from this blog.
  5. The Thrifty Oreganic: You don’t have to eat pesticide-filled food just because you don’t have a load of cash. This blogger explains how to eat fresh for less.
  6. BeanPlate: This blog is dedicated to helping readers eat well when money is tight, with recipes taken from depression era cookbooks updated to modern tastes and much more.
  7. Frugal Luxuries Food: With tips on living simply, saving money and more this blog is an ideal place to find recipes using seasonal and fresh ingredients.

Beer and Wine

These blogs are all about helping you stretch your booze budget further, recommending great wines and directing you towards bargain beers.

  1. Credit Crunch Drinking: Want to drink on a dime? This blog can explain the best bets for drinking just about anything while staying on a tight budget.
  2. Budget Vino: Here you can find some great wine advice on brands that are tasty without being expensive.
  3. Good Wine Under $20: Don’t break the bank on good wine. This blog can point you towards great wines that are cheap enough for any budget.
  4. CheapWineRatings: Get rankings for value wines on this blog, so you can drink better wine for less cash.
  5. the frugal oenophile’s wine of the week: Check out this blog for updates on great wine deals posted each week.
  6. Homemade Wine Making: Want to try making your own wine? This site can help you get started or answer your questions.
  7. The Naked Vine: If you don’t know much about wine and don’t plan on spending a fortune on expensive vintages, this blog can point you in the right direction.


These bloggers deal with a variety of cheap eating topics from eating out to foods for the adventurous.

  1. The Cheap Ethnic Eatz Blog: If you love ethnic foods but don’t have unlimited funds, you can check out this blog centered around Montreal.
  2. GrubGirl: Explore LA through budget eating with this helpful blog as a guide.
  3. The Frugal Foodie: This grad student offers suggestions on where you can eat out that won’t cost you an arm and a leg when you’re in Silicon Valley.
  4. La Gourmonde Modeste: If you can read French, this blog is an ideal visit for tips on saving big while eating well.
  5. How to Eat Cheap: This site is more tongue-in-cheek than serious, but it can provide some amusing tips on how to cut back on your eating costs.
  6. me hungry!: Follow this couple around as they taste the great frugal food offerings around New York.
  7. The Ironic Mullet: Want to pursue some interesting but still frugal cooking avenues? Try out this blog, with ideas on cooking everything from octopus to frittatas

Crash-Course Gourmet: 50 Free Open Courseware Cooking Classes

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By Courtney Phillips

If you’re interested in learning to cook, the Internet is a great resource, with recipes, food blogs, and more. But you can take things a step further by following courses that will teach you about food as well. Read on, and you’ll find 50 open courseware classes that can help you make something delicious.


Get an introduction to cooking through these courses.

  1. Cooking with Herbs and Spices: Find out what herbs and spices can do for your cooking through this course. [Suite 101]
  2. Rouxbe: Rouxbe offers instructional cooking videos for skills, learning, and more. [Rouxbe]
  3. Bartending 101: Learn how to make popular cocktails including martinis and cosmopolitans. [Suite 101]
  4. Superfoods Rx: Fourteen Foods That Will Change Your Life: Check out this course, and you’ll learn about 14 healthy foods that you should be cooking. [UTMB]
  5. Julia Child: Lessons with Master Chefs: Get prime video cuts from Julia Child through this course. [PBS]
  6. Sides, Front and Center: Bring the attention to side dishes with the help of this course. [Times]
  7. How to Techniques: Here you’ll learn a variety of cooking techniques from Tavolo. [Tavolo]


These courses explain the science behind cooking.

  1. Kitchen Chemistry: Get an experimental, hands on approach to the application of chemistry in cooking. [MIT]
  2. Advanced Kitchen Chemistry: In this course, you’ll find a scientific exploration of food and cooking. [MIT]
  3. How to Measure: Check out this course, and you’ll learn about the importance of accurate measuring. [About]
  4. Ratio, Proportion and Percentages: Learn the math of cooking with the help of this course. [Open University]
  5. Food Science Explained: Learn about ingredients, applying food science in the real world, and more from this course. [About]
  6. Substitutions and Equivalents: Find out how to swap things out in your kitchen from this course. [About]


Check out these courses for cooking styles from around the world.

  1. Pride of Persia: Learn about the great influence Persian food has had on the world through this course. [Epicurious]
  2. Cooking in the Emerald Isle: This course is all about updates on hearty Irish classics. [Epicurious]
  3. Continental Portugese: Check out this course to cover a range of Portugese topics, including cooking. [University of Nottingham]
  4. ABCs of America: In this course, you’ll learn how to make basic American food. [Taste of America]
  5. Moroccan Mission: Find out more about slow cooked Moroccan specialties from this course. [Epicurious]
  6. Eating in Egypt: Take this course to learn about the ancient cuisine of Egypt. [Epicurious]
  7. Medieval Food: This course highlights the delicious flavors of Medieval Europe. [Suite 101]
  8. From Somen to Soba: In this course, you’ll find a celebration of Japanese noodles. [Epicurious]
  9. East Asian Cultures: From Zen to Pop: Check out this course to learn about East Asian culture, including cuisine. [MIT]
  10. A Vietnamese Culinary Journey: Vietnamese cuisine is full of fresh herbs and French influences-learn more about it through this course. [Epicurious]
  11. Taste of America: Cajun and Creole: This course features the story of south Louisiana’s food. [Epicurious]
  12. Asian Vegetarian Cooking: In this course, you’ll learn about vegetarian cooking in Malaysia, India, and the Phillipines. [Suite 101]
  13. Land of Seven Moles: Follow Chef Zarela Martinez to learn about cuisine in the Mexican region of Oaxaca. [Epicurious]
  14. Sambals and Spice Cakes: This course is all about the fragrant cooking of the Indonesian islands. [Epicurious]

Special Diets

Learn to cook for special diets from these courses.

  1. Low Carb Living: This course will help you learn how to live and cook for a low carb lifestyle. [Suite 101]
  2. Intro to Macrobiotic Cooking: Follow this course to get an introduction to cooking macrobiotically. [Hip Chicks]
  3. Organic Food 101: Check out this course to get the lowdown on finding and cooking organic. [Suite 101]
  4. Living Without Gluten: In this primer, you’ll learn how to bake gluten-free. [Epicurious]
  5. Vegetarian Diet: This course explains the health benefits of eating and cooking a vegetarian diet. [Suite 101]


In these courses, you’ll learn about bread, desserts, and more.

  1. Baking at High Altitudes: This course will show you how to bake at any elevation. [Epicurious]
  2. Learn How to Bake: Join this email course to learn how to make coffee cake, cookies, and more. [About]
  3. Breadmaking 101: Follow this course, and you’ll be able to make delicious bread all on your own. [Suite 101]
  4. Bread Primer: Visit this course to get advice for making bread. [Epicurious]
  5. Pie Primer: Learn the secrets of making perfect pies from this course. [Epicurious]


You’ll learn a variety of cooking techniques, including knife handling, slow cooking, and grilling.

  1. Knife Masterclass with Matt Kemp: Learn the basics of knives and how to sharpen them in this course. [Underground Cookery]
  2. Grilling Primer: This course will help you demystify outdoor cooking. [Epicurious]
  3. Cooking for a Crowd: In this course, you’ll learn how to prepare and share food for special occasions. [Suite 101]
  4. Sauteeing, Searing and Pan Roasting: This course covers pan roasting, sauteeing, searing, and more. [Free Culinary School]
  5. Slow Cooker Success: Here you’ll learn more about satisfying slow cooking. [Epicurious]
  6. How to Dice Onions and Garlic: Learn how to successfully dice these important ingredients. [Underground Cookery]
  7. Salad Greens and Vinaigrettes: In this course, you’ll learn about different greens, how to make a mix, and the basics of vinaigrettes. [Free Culinary School]
  8. Whole Foods Cooking Lesson: Check out this course to learn how to incorporate whole foods into your cooking. [Sue Gregg]
  9. Frying, Confit and Deep Fat Poaching: You’ll learn professional techniques for frying, confit and deep fat poaching in this course. [Free Culinary School]
  10. Turkey Primer: In this course, you’ll see how to choose, carve, and prepare a turkey. [Epicurious]
  11. Braising, Poaching, Roasting: This course features the hot side cooking techniques of braising, poaching, and roasting. [Free Culinary School]


Be sure that your cooking is safe by following these courses.

  1. Food Safety, Storage and Allergies: You’ll learn about the safety of foods and new trends in food technology through this course [Utah State University]
  2. Food Safety Techniques: Ensure that the food you prepare is safe by following the lessons in this course. [About]

100 Best Websites for Chocolate Fanatics

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By Courtney Phillips

It’s not difficult to find someone who is crazy about chocolate. This delicious treat is not only easy on the taste buds, but has recently been recognized as a healthy treat as well. If you are one of those people that is crazy about chocolate, then you will love the assortment of chocolate websites collected below. From education to finding specialty chocolate to recipes to blogs to videos, the following resources are sure to delight any chocolate fanatic.

A Chocolate Education

Whether you are just looking for a bit of personal education about chocolate or are seeking to educate an entire classroom, these websites will help you learn about chocolate.

  1. History of Chocolate. Visit this site from the Field Museum in Chicago to learn all about the history of chocolate from its discovery over 2000 years ago to present day.
  2. The Cocoa Tree. This interactive site lets visitors explore history, culture, ecology, and manufacturing of chocolate.
  3. The Sweet Lure of Chocolate. Exploratorium Magazine devotes this entire online-only edition to the sweet wonderfulness that is chocolate.
  4. 70%. This site is loaded with information. Select from the chocopaedia to learn all about chocolates and their makers, read blogs, join in events, and more.
  5. Chocolate. For teachers, this site offers trivia, links to chocolaty websites, and lesson plans to incorporate chocolate into your classrooms.
  6. Chocolate. Another great site for teachers and students, find links to other teachers’ and students’ chocolate projects, links to chocolate websites, and more.
  7. Chocolate Education. Get a quick glimpse of chocolate as well as major chocolate manufacturers around the world.
  8. The Chocolate School Blackboard. This site offers a chance for children to practice on language arts, history, math, and more with a chocolate focus on the lessons.
  9. Chocolate Education. Watch the video about this young girl who developed an educational workshop series called "Travel the World Through Chocolate."
  10. A Dozen Candy Coated Classroom Activities. From M&M math to making fudge in a Ziplock bag to candy statistics, the ideas on this site will have teachers and students enjoying their sweet lessons.
  11. A Brief History of Chocolate. This article from offers an interesting and informative look at the history of chocolate.
  12. Chocolate: Drink of the Gods!. Learn about the role chocolate played in the Mayan culture.
  13. National Confectioners Association: All About Chocolate. Click on this links here to learn about the different types of chocolate, responsible cocoa growing, how chocolate is made, and much more.

Chocolate Blogs

Chocolate lovers and experts alike share their experience, reviews, post about news and events, and share their love of chocolate in these blogs.

  1. Chocolate in Context. Not only can you get great chocolate information at this blog, spend some time exploring the many links included here as well.
  2. Chocolate Blog. Get recipes, news, and information on chocolate at this blog.
  3. Chocablog. With a mission as promising as finding and reviewing the best chocolate from around the world, you can’t go wrong with this blog.
  4. Chocolate & Zucchini. While not all the posts on this bilingual (English and French) blog are about chocolate, it’s definitely worth checking out for the posts that do feature this delicious treat.
  5. Blog Chocolate. This chocolate lover blogs about all things chocolate…and shares a few of her delicious finds too.
  6. Chocolate Blog. If you were searching for a place to get all the random chocolate news aggregated in one blog, then this is the place for you.
  7. Lake Champlain Chocolates Blog. Read about what is happening at this chocolate factory or just learn about fun chocolate facts on this blog.
  8. Chocolate News. Get all the news you need about the world of artisan chocolates here. Recent posts cover Hershey’s dumping artisan chocolates and chocolate tasting.
  9. Slashfood Chocolate. The blog posts here cover new products and stores as well as chocolate reviews and chocolate chefs.
  10. Club Chocolate Blog. From the price of chocolate to chocolate in the Wall Street Journal, check out this blog for interesting glimpses in the world of chocolate.
  11. Chocolate Obsession. Get great reviews and news on all types of chocolate from artisan chocolate to 3 Musketeers.
  12. Homemade Chocolate. Learn about healthy, homemade chocolate, great chocolate gifts, and even enter a contest or two.

Chocolate Recipes

From the best chocolate chip cookies to cupcakes to homemade candies, these recipes will surely fulfill your chocolate cravings.

  1. Chocolate Recipes. Find everything from how to work with chocolate to recipes for fudge, truffles, and chocolate fruit.
  2. The Chocolate Gourmand. Learn to make chocolate recipes that look as beautiful as they taste at this site.
  3. Chocolate Bakery Blog. Get plenty of recipes featuring yummy, chocolaty goodness at this blog.
  4. Molten Chocolate Magic. This easy and very delicious recipe is sure to impress your fellow chocolate lovers.
  5. David Lebovitz Recipes. The recipes here are heavy on the chocolate and you know they have to be good coming from this author of The Great Book of Chocolate.
  6. 101 Cookbooks Chocolate Recipes. From cookies to fudge to chocolate clusters, get delicious chocolate recipes from this popular site.
  7. Simply Recipes Chocolate Search. Find recipes like chipotle flourless chocolate cake and chocolate truffles at this site.
  8. Green Tea Cheesecake White Chocolate Brownie. If the title frightens you, take a look at the photo of the finished product on the Nook & Pantry blog for inspiration to try this delicious dessert.
  9. Cupcake Recipes. While not all the recipes here include chocolate, many do. It’s worth checking out the creative and beautiful chocolate creations that top some of these cupcakes at this blog.
  10. My Chocolate Blog. Mixed among the sales pitches for chocolate goods, there are plenty of chocolaty tips, tricks, and recipes on this blog.
  11. Chocolate-Cherry Heart Cake Made With Rum. Don’t wait for a special occasion to show your loved one how much you care–make this incredible cake any time.
  12. revisit! the best chocolate chip cookies, ever. Who doesn’t love a chocolate chip cookie? These cookies are incredibly popular and worth giving a try yourself.
  13. ChocolateMan. This site isn’t exactly about recipes, but if you need to find any supplies for making chocolate, then this is the place to go.

Chocolate Communities

If you are looking to connect with other chocolate lovers, check out these sites that range from social networks to forums to in-person meet-ups.

  1. The Chocolate Life. This community is run for and by chocolate lovers and includes blogs, photos, events, and more.
  2. Chocolate Alchemy Forum. Learn about the art and science of chocolate from others or share what you know on this forum.
  3. Chocolate Forum. From recipe sharing to learning about edible art, this forum offers an array of topics.
  4. Seventypercent Forums. Fine chocolate discussions and reviews, ingredients, recipes, chocolatiers, and many other topics are all available for discussion at this forum.
  5. NYC Chocolate Meetup. Whether you live close enough to participate in person or just want to hop online to check out what they are discussing on the message board, join this group for the chocolate.
  6. Chocolate Week. You really don’t have to wait until October to celebrate chocolate, but this UK organization really does it up right for this one week.

Chocolate Organizations and Associations

These groups are making a better world for chocolate and the people who provide it.

  1. Academy of Chocolate. This group from the UK is out to educate chocolate devotees about the differences in chocolate and how socially and ecologically sound practices are better for both chocolate and people.
  2. Chocolate USA. From the National Confectioners Association, this website offers nutrition and health information, history, science and new, and other resources for chocolate information.
  3. International Cocoa Organization. This group’s goal is to promote "the development of a sustainable cocoa economy." Learn statistics, find out about projects, and more.
  4. Retail Confectioners International. Find out where you can earn a chocolate education, read interesting facts, and more at this site.
  5. World Cocoa Foundation. Just read the news or become involved yourself with creating empowered cocoa communities with this organization.
  6. The Cocoa Merchants Association of America. This organization acts as a watchdog for trade and welfare of the cocoa community in the US.

Chocolate Makers

From popular to high-end, these chocolate makers share their stories, recipes, and much more on their sites.

  1. Hershey’s Chocolate. Probably one of the most famous American chocolate makers, Hershey’s offers recipes, promotions, and even information for visiting their sites.
  2. Godiva Chocolatier. Shop online, find out what’s new at Godiva, or learn about those favorite pieces found in these famous boxes of chocolate.
  3. Ghirardelli. Find baking recipes using this decadent chocolate or just browse through the Chocopedia to learn plenty about chocolate.
  4. Scharffen Berger. Get recipes, find out information about chocolate, and even get chocolate newsletters if you can’t wait for updates.
  5. Ah Cacao Real Chocolate. Read about this Mexican chocolate, their highly-rated cafes, and more at this chocolate company’s website.
  6. The Amano Chocolate Blog. Find out about this artisan chocolate and all that is happening at their company on this blog.
  7. Patric Chocolate. This blog contains some interesting facts such as how chocolate affects microbes in your mouth to create aftertaste and several myth-busting truths.
  8. Life By Chocolate. This artisan chocolate maker in New York blogs about their experiences, their products, chocolate, and more.
  9. Zorro Chocolates. Read Ed’s blog, find out about special promotions, and even shop online here.
  10. Lindt. Select from different countries for a specialized look at this Swiss chocolate company.

Specialty Chocolates

Whether you are looking for raw chocolate, chocolate without allergens, or want to ensure your chocolate is ecologically and socially sound, then these are the sites for you.

  1. Innocent Chocolate. This amazingly delicious, organic chocolate is touted as helping to increase metabolism rather than putting on weight and comes in a variety of flavors, including their raw chocolate. All the flavors are composed of mostly raw ingredients.
  2. Fine and Raw Chocolate. Another raw chocolate option, these delectable bon bons are available in select stores in New York or can be shipped right to your door for a small shipping fee.
  3. UliMana Raw Organic Chocolate Treats. If you are craving raw chocolate goodness, choose from raw chocolate truffle butter; chocolate apricot, and walnut "Trulies"; or Chia Moon Drops cookies.
  4. Dagoba Organic Chocolate. Find out why organic chocolate is so tasty or get organic chocolate recipes here.
  5. Endangered Species Chocolate. Not only can you eat delicious chocolate, but find out how you also help support endangered species when you purchase this chocolate.
  6. Chocolate Decadence. Find chocolates that are dairy, lactose, gluten, and casein-free at this specialty chocolate shop.
  7. Chocolate Emporium. Whether you are looking for parve or other kosher chocolates, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, or peanut-free, you will find the type of chocolate you need from this site.
  8. Fair Trade Chocolates. If you are looking for a way to enjoy your chocolate and ensure that those who brought the chocolate to you are fairly compensated, then this fair trade chocolate site is for you.
  9. Green & Black’s Organic. Learn about chocolate, get recipes, and find out how this company got its start.
  10. Theo. This organic, fair trade chocolate is also made in the United States. Find out more about this chocolate, the company, and more.

All About Chocolate

Learn health benefits of chocolate, find out why fair trade chocolate is a good idea to support, get virtual chocolates for your computer, and learn about pairing chocolate with scotch with these resources.

  1. Chocolate: The Psychoactive Food. Learn about why and how chocolate makes so many people feel so good.
  2. How Chocolate Works. Learn about chocolate, how it’s made, and even get photos of cacao trees and cocoa beans.
  3. All About Chocolate – Buying, Storing, Melting, Tempering and Using. Find out how to store, melt, and temper chocolate with this article.
  4. Is Chocolate Dairy-Free?. Read this short article to find the answer to this question.
  5. Dark Chocolate is Healthy Chocolate. Read this article from Web MD about the health benefits of dark chocolate.
  6. Chocolate: A Health Food?. Read this doctor’s informative article on the health benefits of chocolate and heed his reminder that chocolate is only as good as its ingredients.
  7. Improve Your Health and Well-Being with Raw Chocolate. Find out why raw chocolate is so good for you and even learn how to make some at home.
  8. Featured Article: Chocolate. Get a brief glimpse into the history and health benefits of chocolate, learn a bit about fair trade chocolate, and get links to healthy chocolate vendors.
  9. Dark Chocolates and Their Uses. Learn about how dark chocolate works to help keep your body healthy in this article.
  10. The World’s Best Chocolate. Read about this writer’s journey that took him to Italy to find out more about an amazing chocolate.
  11. Virtual Chocolate. Send virtual chocolate postcards, get free chocolate computer wallpaper, and even read stories and poems about chocolate here.
  12. Pairing Chocolate and Scotch. If you love both these decadent treats, then read this article to find out how to find the perfect combination.


Check out these videos for information that ranges from saving cocoa plants from disease to Emeril’s healthy Mexican hot chocolate.

  1. Chocolate to Save Forests?. Find out how growing organic chocolate may save an endangered Dominican Republican rainforest.
  2. Rescuing Chocolate. Learn how scientists are working to save cocoa plants from specific diseases.
  3. Kakaw: Chocolate in Guatemalan Culture. Professor Michael D. Coe delivers an interesting lecture on chocolate in Spanish.
  4. Making Chocolate. Watch this video to see how chocolate is made at a Hershey factory.
  5. Emeril Green: Mexican Hot Chocolate. Watch Emeril make an organic and healthy batch of Mexican hot chocolate.
  6. Chocolate Covered Strawberries–Video. Learn how to make these decadent treats right at home.
  7. Tempering Chocolate. Go for the artistic and learn how to create shiny and properly-hardened chocolate with this video.
  8. Melting Chocolate. If tempering is too much work for you, then try this simple way to melt chocolate in the microwave.
  9. Cardamom Chocolate Truffles Recipe Video. Learn how to make these simple, yet elegant homemade truffles.

Chocolate Books and Movies

If you want to lose yourself in a great book or movie about chocolate, then check out these resources.

  1. Chocolat. Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp almost stole the show from the chocolate in this movie where it acts as the catalyst for change in a small, conservative community. This movie was based on the book by the same name by Joanne Harris.
  2. Like Water for Chocolate. This book by Laura Esquivel was originally written in Spanish, but this translation allows English readers to understand the beauty and mystical experience food plays in the live of Tita and those close to her. It was also made into a movie (in Spanish with subtitles) that is definitely worth seeing.
  3. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This site is a great resource for anyone who loves the Roald Dahl book. Find information about the book, movies and plays that were inspired by the book, fun facts, and teacher resources.
  4. Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. This famous movie version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, starring Gene Wilder, was the version many adults grew up with and are still passionate about.
  5. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This remake of the book starring Johnny Depp was a favorite of many children and adults alike, but also created quite a divide among those who were fans of Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
  6. The Great Book of Chocolate [Illustrated]. Learn all about chocolate while gushing over the gorgeous photos in this book by David Lebovitz.
  7. The Essence of Chocolate. This blog post describes why chocolate lovers will definitely need to read this chocolaty jewel.
  8. Give Chocolate. Get recommendations for nine different chocolate books (one fiction, the rest non-fiction) that would make great gifts for the chocolate lovers in your life.
  9. Chocolate Book Reviews. These 13 books are a great sampling of both fiction and non-fiction books that all feature chocolate at their heart.

Food for Thought – Eat for the Environment

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By Kelly Kilpatrick

There’s a running argument that I have each time I meet my dad – I stress on the eco-friendly aspects of our daily life that each of us can contribute to save our planet from an early death, and he is pretty vocal about the fact that man has reached the end of the road, that there’s no turning back to set things right unless we forgo technology in its entirety and go back to living as our ancestors did, with no electricity, no machines and no mechanized transportation. And since that’s impossible today, he says that no amount of organic awareness is enough to help the environment and restore the balance that we seek.

Truth be told, there are days when I despair that there’s a smidgen of truth in his words, but that’s no reason not to even try. Little drops of water make the large ocean, and if each of us contributed a bucketful, I’m sure we can pass on an Earth that’s not been poisoned and raped of all her goodness to our children and the future generations to come. For example, if we were to become just a little more conscious about the food we eat, we could proudly say that we are doing our bit towards saving our environment. It’s not that difficult when you put your mind to it; we all make healthy food choices when it comes to our body – we want to look slim and get fit, so we consciously avoid fatty and oily foods and eat more of nutritious fruits and vegetables. Similarly, there are food choices that we can make to extend the life span of our planet:

Cutting down on beef consumption helps to reduce the production of greenhouse gases since cows have been proven to produce 18 percent of these emissions.

Eating food grown locally, in and around your area, helps reduce the amount of fossil fuel expended in transporting food from other places to where you live.

Eating natural and fresh food rather than processed or canned goods reduces the need to expend energy in processing the food.

Switching to organic foods means you’re preventing toxic chemicals and pesticides from polluting the earth and its natural resources.

Using solar or other sustainable power sources to cook your food helps you save energy. Alternatively, you could eat more of foods that can be consumed raw.

Avoiding wastage of food is also an eco-friendly measure.

Our planet is teeming with men and women, each of whom can make a difference, if they only make the effort.

100 Must-Have Sites for Vegans, Vegetarians and Locavores

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By Holly McCarthy

As the world becomes more aware of animal rights, environmental issues, and the benefits of a plant-based local diet, interest in the vegan, vegetarian, and locavore lifestyle grows. As such, there are many different resources for ethical diets online. We’ve listed 100 of the best of these, which offer recipes, ethical shopping, information, and so much more.


With these recipe sites, you’ll find everything you need to create a tasty ethical meal.

  1. VegCooking: Visit this website to find excellent vegetarian recipes including a shopping guide, cookbook recommendations, and restaurant reviews.
  2. VegWeb: On VegWeb, you’ll find plenty of vegan recipes and cooking tips.
  3. In a Vegetarian Kitchen: Nava Atlas’ site has healthy cooking tips, vegetarian recipes, and vegetarian nutrition information.
  4. Vegan-Food: This website shares vegetarian and vegan recipes as well as advice for readers.
  5. Vegetarian Times: The Vegetarian Times offers itself as the world’s largest collection of vegetarian recipes.
  6. The Enlightened Kitchen: Marie Oser offers recipes and other resources for vegetarian eating on this website.


Vegans will find lots of great information and resources through these websites.

  1. Vegan Outreach: Learn about vegan advocacy, health, and more on this website.
  2. Vegan Society: This website supports a lifestyle free of animal products.
  3. Veganism: Veganism offers an animal rights FAQ and information about becoming vegan.
  4. Check out this blog to learn about Vegan issues, including groceries, books, festivals, and recipes.
  5. Vegan Values: Dr. Stanley Sapon shares articles and essays explaining vegan values.
  6. SuperVegan: This blog offers a look into the vegan lifestyle and recommendations for vegan-friendly New York City restaurants.
  7. VEGAN: On this website, you’ll find resources and information for people interested in the vegan lifestyle.


If you’re a vegetarian, or are considering a vegetarian lifestyle, be sure to check out these websites.

  1. VegFamily: offers plenty of resources for vegetarian families.
  2. Meatout: This campaign promotes meat-free education activities that culminate on a March 20th "Meatout."
  3. Milk Sucks!: Learn how to live dairy free on this website.
  4. ChooseVeggie: Check out this website to order a Vegetarian Starter Kit.
  5. FamousVeggie: Visit FamousVeggie to get inspired by celebrities who have adopted a meat-free lifestyle.
  6. The Vegetarian Resource Group: Find an online restaurant guide, menus for diabetics, information about soy, and more on this vegetarian resource website.
  7. JesusVeg: Find out why Christians should adopt a vegetarian lifestyle and become stewards of animals on this website.
  8. Veg for Life: This website will help you learn why going vegetarian is important for your health, the earth, and animals.
  9. Vegetarians in Paradise: This Los Angeles internet magazine for vegetarians offers articles, restaurant reviews, and more resources for living as a vegetarian in the city.
  10. HappyCow: HappyCow offers a vegetarian guide to restaurants and health food stores.


These websites offer resources for vegans and vegetarians alike.

  1. EatVeg: Find resources for vegan and vegetarian living, recipes, relationships, and more on EatVeg.
  2. GoVeg: GoVeg offers excellent information and resources for maintaining a cruelty free diet.
  3. VegSource: On this site, you’ll find recipes, discussion boards, articles, and a store to support your vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.
  4. VegDining: This website will help you find vegan and vegetarian restaurants around the world.


Locavores can find lots of great information and guides through these websites.

  1. Eat Well Guide: With the Eat Well Guide, you can find local, sustainable, and organic food just about anywhere.
  2. This unofficially official website for locavores has tons of useful recipes, guidelines, and more for locavores.
  3. The Aspirant Locavore’s Weblog: On this blog, you’ll learn about a person who tries to eat more local more often.
  4. Diary of a Locavore: Read this blog to see how a locavore cooks and eats.
  5. Slow Food USA: Slow Food supports local, clean, and fair food.
  6. Localette: Localette shares information about food and local living.
  7. Local Food Blog: This blog is written by a woman who grows her own food and supports local eating.
  8. Northeast Kingdon Localvores: Get resources and ideas for local living in Vermont.
  9. Eat Local Challenge: Check out this website and take the challenge to eat more locally.
  10. Gulf Coast Local Food: This blog follows a family as they do their best to eat local in the Gulf Coast.
  11. Living Locally in Los Angeles: This blogger shares information and resources for a more local lifestyle in Los Angeles.
  12. Sustainable Table: The Sustainable Table offers information for finding local food, and other ways you can eat more sustainably.
  13. The Local Foods Wheel: This wheel will help you determine which foods are in season in San Francisco throughout the year. Soon, the wheel will offer information for New York City as well.
  14. The 100 Mile Diet: Read the 100 Mile Diet to find out how this locavore eats.
  15. The Corridor Locavore: Read this resource for locavores in Eastern Iowa and beyond.
  16. Local Harvest: Use this website to find local farms, farmer’s markets, and community farms.
  17. No Impact Man: Part of No Impact Man’s experiment included eating mostly local food.
  18. Buy Fresh Buy Local: This website shares information about finding the local foods of California.


Check out these organizations that offer support to vegans, vegetarians, and locavores.

  1. Christian Vegetarian Association: This organization promotes a vegetarian lifestyle, and offers biblical reasons to become a vegetarian.
  2. Alliance for Animals: This group offers information about animal cruelty as well as rants and raves about current events in animal rights.
  3. Farm Aid: Farm Aid supports farmers that make eating locally possible.
  4. VivaVegie Society: The VivaVegie Society shares information about vegetarianism, and even puts on the Veggie Pride Parade in New York City.
  5. Organic Athlete: Join this organization to get support from athletes that believe in a whole food, vegan diet.
  6. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals: PETA encourages people to go vegetarian or vegan, and offers often very visible activism in the field of animal rights.
  7. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine: The PCRM is a nonprofit organization that focuses on preventive medicine, including a vegan diet.
  8. International Vegetarian Union: The International Vegetarian Union supports vegetarianism worldwide, and offers visitors resources for finding veggie-friendly lodging, restarurants, and stores around the world.
  9. Jewish Vegetarians of North America: On this website, you’ll find out why vegetarianism is morally important for Jews.
  10. EarthSave: EarthSave promotes a plant-based diet for healthier food and a healthier planet.

Local Guides

Connect with local people and resources that support your lifestyle through these sites.

  1. Boston Vegetarian Society: As part of the Boston Vegetarian Society, you’ll be a part of creating a healthier and more humane way of life in Boston.
  2. VegSanDiego: Learn about San Diego vegetarian events, local resources and more on this website.
  3. Toronto Vegetarian Association: This association supports vegetarians in Toronto and beyond.
  4. VegDC: Find restaruants, caterers, bakeries, and other vegetarian resources in Washington DC through this online group.
  5. VegIllinois: Follow this guide to vegetarian life in Illinois to find restaurants, organizations, and more.
  6. VegColorado: Learn how to thrive as a vegan or vegetarian living in Colorado from this organization.
  7. VegPA: Pennsylvania vegetarians can use VegPA to find businesses and resources that cater to vegetarians in the state.
  8. VegTampaBay: Tampa Bay residents can take advantage of this website that has vegetarian and vegan groups, a restaurant guide, and more than 6,000 vegetarian recipes.
  9. Northwest VEG: This vegetarian education and empowerment group supports vegetarians in Portland, Oregon, and beyond.
  10. VegAustin: On the VegAustin website, you’ll find restaruants, groceries, catering and other resources for eating vegan and vegetarian in Austin.
  11. VegOhio: Check out VegOhio, and you will get connected with veg-friendly resources throughout Ohio.
  12. Salem Vegan Society: Get recipes, activities and more for vegans in Salem, Massachusetts from this group.
  13. VegMadison: Visit VegMadison to learn about veggie friendly restaurants and businesses in the area.
  14. Veg Seattle: Learn how to go vegetarian in Seattle and where to find vegetarian resources throughout the region with this website.
  15. Vegetarian Society of Hawaii: The Vegetarian Society of Hawaii shares cooking demonstrations, guest speakers, and more for its members.
  16. VegPortland: Find the best of what Portland has to offer vegetarians through this website.


Join these communities to find people who support your lifestyle.

  1. VegSource: In this online vegetarian community, you can find discussion groups and resources from experts.
  2. VeggieBoards: This message board is exclusively for vegetarians and vegans.
  3. Cheap Vegan: These Live Journal users eat cheaply as vegans and share their experiences.
  4. Care2: In this online community, you’ll find resources for healthy living and animal welfare.
  5. VeggieDate: Find a fellow vegan, vegetarian, or locavore to love on this website.
  6. The Vegan Forum: Join this forum to talk to other vegans, or just learn more about becoming a vegan.
  7. VegHaven: Check out VegHaven to see how other vegans and vegetarians are making a difference in the world.
  8. Vegan Cooking: Check out this community to find tips, resources, and more for vegan cooking.
  9. Free Range Review: This community reviews local food and more.
  10. Veg Space: Veg Space is social networking for vegans and vegetarians, featuring groups, member profiles and more.
  11. Cool Vegan: This is where all of the coolest vegans hang out online.
  12. VeggieConnection: In this community, you’ll be able to meet other vegetarians around the world.
  13. Black Vegetarians: Join this online community that covers the issues relating to black vegetarians.
  14. Vegetable Killers: Check out this forum to meet people who kill vegetables and aren’t afraid to admit it.
  15. Live Journal Locavores: This community on Live Journal supports and provides resources for those who practice a locavore lifestyle.
  16. Peta2: On Peta2, you’ll find lots of other young animal rights activists and vegetarians.
  17. Locallectual: Locallectual will make it easy for you to find local goods and connect with others who are living a local lifestyle.
  18. Vegans in Intentional Community: Learn about other vegans in communities and find or create your own.

Ethical Stores

Check out these online shops that offer guilt free goods.

  1. Vegan Gift Shop: The Vegan Gift Shop offers fun and friendly vegan gifts as well as everyday items including groceries.
  2. Ahimsa Footwear: Ahimsa is a vegan boutique that offers eco friendly and sweatshop free shoes and accessories.
  3. Ethical Planet: Ethical Planet sells goods that are made with the earth and animal life in mind.
  4. Endangered Species Chocolate: These all natural and organic chocolate bars and treats support endangered species.
  5. Alternative Outfitters: Check out Alternative Outfitters for cruelty free products and leather alternatives.
  6. One Stop Vegan Shop: On this site, you’ll find vegan products including cookies, toys, and cosmetics.
  7. Vegan Pangea’s Vegan Store offers vegan goods made in countries where workers are protected.
  8. Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe: This online shop is 100% vegan.
  9. Vegan Essentials: Vegan Essentials offers all-vegan products with no animal testing or animal products.

Animal Rights

Get information and resources for animal rights through these websites.

  1. Action for AnimalsAnimal Rights Coalition: Action for Animals supports a vegan lifestyle as a way to end animal suffering.
  2. Animal Rescue & Care: The ARC supports animal rights, including a meat-free diet.


100 Useful Search Engines for Chefs, Cooks and Food Lovers

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By Alisa Miller

While everyone has to eat, only those true foodies are absolutely devoted to their food. Whether you make it professionally, as a hobby, or just love to eat good food, you will find search engines from this list below to make your nose and tongue sing. From recipes to ethnic foods to restaurants to local farmer’s markets to wine and beer, these search engines will help you find exactly what you want when it comes to creating and appreciating delicious food and beverages.


There is absolutely no reason any food lover should ever be at a loss for what to cook. These search engines will keep you stocked with all types of recipes.

  1. FoodieView. This recipe search engine will help you find what you are looking for with over 1 million recipes available.
  2. Five Mushrooms. Use this search engine to find recipes from real people just like you.
  3. Global Gourmet Recipe Search. Search for recipes at Global Gourmet that span back ten years.
  4. Epicurious Recipes. Search for both Epicurious recipes and recipes submitted by members with this search engine.
  5. Food & Wine Recipes. Find a recipe by the type of food or the Food Network. The search possibilities are flexible with this search engine which allows you to look for a recipe by quick meals, what’s in season, the chef who created it, or searching the entire site.
  6. Food Down Under. Search from over 200,000 recipes or browse by category to find what you are wanting to cook.
  7. Easy Recipes. Find easy recipes using simple, everyday ingredients.
  8. The Recipe Link. Search with this tool to find recipes from this repository that has been collecting since 1996.
  9. RecipeSource. Look for your next meal among the 70,000 recipes with this search engine started by an alumni of University of California, Berkeley who has been compiling recipes since 1993.
  10. Allrecipes. This popular site offers a search engine which provides recipes, information on ingredients, and more.
  11. Search. Find recipes or search by ingredients with this search engine.
  12. Mimi’s Food Finder. Use one of the three search engines here to find exactly the recipe you were seeking.
  13. Meals For You. These recipes include detailed nutrition information so that you can choose meals just right for your needs.
  14. Yahoo! Food. Browse or search for recipes from this Yahoo! food search engine.
  15. RecipeComun. Super simple to use, this search engine will provide you with recipes from some of the top recipe sites quickly and easily.
  16. Recipes Engine. Type in your keyword and get recipes from this database of over 177,000 recipes.

Various Types of Food

Whether you are looking for Asian, French, or raw food, these search engines will help you find recipes and information on a variety of foods.

  1. ChineseFoodDIY. Search for definitions, recipes, techniques, and more to help you create delicious Chinese food at home.
  2. Asia Food. Search for terms and recipes for foods from countries all across Asia.
  3. Use the search tool on this site to find any type of chicken recipe imaginable.
  4. The Recipe Link Copycat and Restaurant Recipes. If you’ve ever wanted to recreate something you ate at a restaurant, check out this search engine to see if you can make your favorite dish at home.
  5. Britannia Recipes. If you are looking for a recipe for Bubble and Squeak or clotted cream, this search engine will help you out.
  6. Cooking2000. Get French recipes and information on French wines with this search engine.
  7. Tokyo Food Page–Japanese Cuisines. Search for delicious Japanese recipes that move way beyond sushi with this search tool.
  8. RFCJ Recipe Archive. From Hanukkah recipes to kosher dishes, find recipes for Jewish food with this search engine.
  9. Made*In*Italy*On*Line Wine and Food. Whatever you want to learn about Italian wine and food can be found here from recipes to information to regulations.
  10. Find Indian food recipes with the search tool here. You can even narrow your search by vegetarian, user recipes, expert recipes, and more.
  11. Keeping It Raw. Search for raw food news and websites with this search engine.

Vegetarian and Vegan

Being vegetarian or vegan doesn’t mean you should rely on sprouts and hummus. These recipes, articles and more will help you eat healthily and deliciously while staying on your chosen path.

  1. HappyCow. Find vegetarian restaurants and food stores in your area with this search tool.
  2. VegWeb. Find vegetarian recipes with this search engine.
  3. V3GGIE. This vegetarian search engine will find anything from recipes to news to blogs.
  4. 101 Cookbooks. Taken from various cookbooks, the searchable recipes on this site are primarily vegetarian and almost always natural and healthy.
  5. Vegetarian Times Recipes. Search for vegetarian recipes with this search engine that can be customized to find exactly the type of recipe you want.
  6. VegEats!. Look for vegetarian recipes and vegetarian restaurants with this search engine.
  7. VegeCyber. Search for vegetarian frozen food items on this site.
  8. VegCooking. Not only can you search for vegetarian recipes here, you can also search the replacement ingredients for items such as meat, dairy, eggs, and more.
  9. goodbaker. Find vegan organic baking mixes from this site that serves as a clearinghouse and does not make or sell these products.
  10. Vegan Recipes. Search by ingredient to find a delicious vegan recipe among these.

All About Food

These search engines don’t just stop at recipes. You can find blogs, websites, information about ingredients, and more from these search engines.

  1. The Big Fat Food Search Engine. Use this search engine powered by Google to find exactly what you want from several food-related websites.
  2. Epicurious Food Dictionary. Type in keywords or browse alphabetically to find definitions for words that have to do with food and cooking.
  3. thefoodsearch. This search engine will help you find information on food, beverages, cooking styles, appliances, and more.
  4. Cooking Connect. Find what you are looking for when it comes to food with this search engine that covers everything from vegetarian resources to professional chefs.
  5. Food ingredients. If you are looking for suppliers of food ingredients, this search engine will connect you with the right businesses.
  6. International Purveyor Index. Find distributors of food, beverage, and equipment from all around the world with this search tool.
  7. Use this search engine to find information on food, groceries, cooking, and more.
  8. Cheww. Search food blogs without the spam with this search engine.
  9. Food Blog Search. This custom Google search engine will connect you with information from several food blogs.
  10. Search for videos that feature cooking, recipes, and beverages at this site.


No matter where you live or what type of food you want to eat, these resources will help you find a place to eat.

  1. Plug in your zip code or search by state to find restaurants in your area.
  2. Delocator. Use your zip code to find non-corporate cafes in your area with this search engine.
  3. Not only can you find restaurants in your area with this search tool, you can also find reviews about them to help you know if you want to give them a try.
  4. Food & Wine Restaurant Search. Whether you are looking for a restaurant in Monaco or Mississippi, this international search engine will help you find a place to eat.
  5. Zagat. Enter your zip code or city and search for restaurants and reviews with this popular search tool.
  6. Dining Guide. Find Greek restaurants around the world with this simple search engine.
  7. The Vegetarian Resource Group Online Restaurant Guide. Find vegetarian, vegan, or vegetarian-friendly restaurants across the US and Canada with this search tool.
  8. Search for vegetarian restaurants around the world here.
  9. Food Finder. Enter your zip code and the type of food you want to receive a listing of all the restaurants in your area.
  10. Food Not only can you find restaurants in your area, but get ratings and menu items as well.

Local Markets and Farms

Whether you want to purchase your food from a local farm, browse a farmer’s market, or find a place to buy real milk, these search engines will help you get what you are seeking.

  1. FarmersMarket. Find farmer’s markets all across the country with this search site.
  2. USDA Agricultural Marketing Service Farmers Market Search. Use the flexible search parameters on this search engine to find farmer’s markets in your area.
  3. Local Harvest Family Farms. If you want to support family farmers and buy local, organic produce, then use this search engine to help you know where to go.
  4. Community Supported Agriculture (And Other Farm Subscriptions). Find out where you can get locally grown food from small farmers on a subscription basis with this search engine.
  5. CSA Search. Find Community Supported Agriculture farms around the country with this search engine.
  6. Ecovian. Find restaurants, food stores, and farms in your area that provide local and organic food.
  7. The Local Food Directory. For those in the UK, use this search engine to find locally grown food near you.
  8. Australian Community Foods. If you live in Australia and want local food, use this search engine to find farmer’s markets, community gardens, co-ops, cafes, and more.
  9. Coop Directory Service Listing. Find food co-ops in the 50 states with this tool.
  10. Eat Well Guide. Find fresh, sustainable food anywhere in the US and Canada with this search engine.
  11. Where Can I Find Real Milk?. If you are searching for real milk, unpasturized milk from grass-fed, true dairy cows, use this search engine to find it.

Healthy Eating and Sustainability

For many food lovers it is important to support both healthy eating and sustainability. These search engines will help you do just that.

  1. Sustainable Table rBGH-free dairy map. This searchable map provides you with local dairies that sell products free of artificial bovine growth hormones.
  2. Pastured Products Directory. Find farms that pasture-feed their animals and supply meat and dairy products in the US and Canada.
  3. Seafood Watch. This search tool will let you know all about specific seafood and if it is a sustainable choice.
  4. Environmental Defense Fund Seafood Selector. Find out what seafood and the specific species are ecologically smart to eat. They also provide health concerns for fish and seafood high in mercury or other contaminants.
  5. Green Maven. Use this search engine to find healthy resources on topics such as health food stores, food, diet, nutrition, and more.
  6. Recipe Search. Find recipes tailored to your healthy choices with categories such as rich in grains, low carb, or rich in fruits.


Find out nutritional value of everything from asparagus to fast food, or get information to help you eat more nutritiously with the information available from these search engines.

  1. NutraWatch Food Finder. Discover the nutrition in your food when you search for anything from baby food to fast food to vegetables.
  2. Fast Food Facts. Find out all about the nutrition in your favorite fast food with this search tool.
  3. Food & Nutrition Center. Search this site for a plethora of recipes, information, and more to help you with nutrition and healthy eating.
  4. Arbor Nutrition Guide. This search engine will connect you with tons of links and resources on food and nutrition topics.
  5. International Food Information Council. Get food safety, nutrition information, and more from this organization which strives to help people understand science-based food information.
  6. fealth. This search engine has a focus on health and is a good place to search for nutrition-based information.
  7. OrganizedWisdom. While this search engine is technically a health search tool, it does have a hefty amount of information available on nutrition.
  8. Pharmacy Technician Certification. Learn the do’s and don’ts about vitamins and prescription drug usage.
  9. Nutrition Touch. Find out nutrients, calories, vitamins, and more about the foods you eat (including fast food).
  10. Nutrinium. Search for health and nutrition news articles with this search engine.
  11. Gyminee. Search over 55,000 foods to find nutrition information on them all.

Wine and Beer

Whether you are a connoisseur or are just learning about wine or beer, these search engines will help you find information, know where to purchase products, or even locate $2 beer.

  1. Search for wines, vineyards, wine organizations, and more with this search engine.
  2. Search for virtually any wine to learn about the wine and where you can buy it.
  3. Epicurious Wine Dictionary. Find out what Macabeo or acetobacter mean and more in this handy wine dictionary.
  4. WineMetro. WineMetro will connect you with the top information about wine, wineries, distributors, retailers, and more.
  5. Able Grape. This super simple search engine will not let you down when it comes to information on wine. Search in English, French, or Italian.
  6. I Search Beers. Search by keyword or by country to find information on many of the beers made around the world.
  7. PubCrawler Beer Search. Enter your location information and find microbreweries, brew pubs, and beer bars near you.
  8. the beer engine. Find the best beer in Europe with this search engine.
  9. Cheap Beer Search Engine. If you live in the Mid-south of the US and want to find beers $2 or less, use this search engine.
  10. Beer Search. This custom Google search will help you find ratings and information about beer.

Government Search Engines

For the "official" word on food, nutrition, and food safety, use these government search engines.

  1. FDA Search Engine. Use this search engine to find information on food safety, allergens, nutrition, food labeling, and more.
  2. USDA National Nutrient Database. Search by keyword or by food groups to find information on nutrients in foods.
  3. Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition. A sector of the FDA, the search engine on this site will give you the government stance on safety and nutrition.
  4. Search documents from federal agencies that pertain to food safety issues here.

100 Best Beer and Wine Blogs

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By Jessica Merritt

In the culinary world, food isn’t the only thing with a rabid following. Beer and wine are important to a foodie’s palate as well. You’ll find that many alcohol enthusiasts choose to take their love for beer and wine online in the form of blogs, and we’ve highlighted 100 of the best here.

Beer Appreciation

These bloggers share their unique insight into beer.

  1. The Brew Basement: Read about the art of cellaring beer on this blog.
  2. A Good Beer Blog: In this international beer blog, you’ll read about the beer drinking experiences of a variety of bloggers.
  3. Beer Radar: Joe Sixpack’s blog is all about breweries, food, and the enjoyment of a good beer.
  4. A Beer Sort of Blog: Check out this beer lover’s blog for beer news, recipes, and more.
  5. brewvana: Check out this blog that takes a look at beer’s role in a good life.
  6. Confessions of a Beer Geek: This blog spreads the gospel of craft beer.
  7. Beer at Joe’s: Find out what Joe and Jasmine think about beer.
  8. [BW] Beer Blog: Bob Woodshed drinks entirely too much good beer.
  9. Appellation Beer: This blog explores the wonder of beer without getting pretentious.
  10. 52 Brews: Every week, this blog features the tasting of a new beer.
  11. Beer Lass: This female beer drinker enjoys a good stout.
  12. Beer 4 Chicks: This blog promotes female beer enthusiasts.
  13. Beer Haiku Daily: This blog offers a simple premise-a daily haiku about beer.
  14. Cure for What Ales You: These bloggers share the enjoyment of craft beer on their blog.
  15. The Barley Blog: The Barley Blog features discussions about quality brew, advertising, culture, and home brewing.
  16. Beer by Bike: In this blog, you’ll find the musings of a biking beer enthusiast.
  17. Stonch’s Beer Blog: Follow the drinking life of a beer lover in London on this blog.
  18. Beer Pusher: Read this multiple author blog to learn about beer appreciation.

Wine Appreciation

Read all about wine from the people who love it the most in these blogs.

  1. Dr. Vino: Dr. Vino offers good value recommendations for wine, and offers a unique look at wine culture.
  2. The Pour: Check out this New York Times blog to find out what Eric Asimov thinks of wine.
  3. Wine Sooth: This blogger shares commentary on the world of wine, specifically in the Central Coast.
  4. Sublime Wine: Read all about the wines of the world on this tasting blog.
  5. My Wine Education: Michelle & Kevin share notes on their growing knowledge of wine.
  6. Wine Library TV: Gary Veynerchuk shares good wine deals, news, tastings, and more.
  7. Cheap Wine Ratings: Check out this blog for the honest truth on good (and not so good) wine that won’t break the bank.
  8. 750ml: On this blog, you’ll find tasting notes for hundreds of wines.
  9. Good Wine Under $20: This useful blog appeals to wine lovers with limited funds.
  10. Grape Radio: This radio program is all about the noble grape.
  11. Catavino: Catavino explores the wines of Spain, Portugal, and surrounding regions.
  12. Blame it on Rioja: Learn about Spanish winemaking, tasting notes, travel, and more from this blogger.
  13. Napa Valley Wine Radio: Listen to these wine experts to get educated.
  14. Grape Juice: Read what Canadians Erin and Michelle have to say about wine and wine tastings.
  15. Chateau Petrogasm: In this blog, you’ll find reviews of wine and the occasional beer.
  16. UnReserved: This Wine Enthusiast blog by Steve Heimoff is all about the business and culture of wine.
  17. Wine Anorak: Wine journalist Jamie Goode shares his musings on wine.
  18. Wine Burps: This blog offers a down to earth look at the enjoyment of wine.
  19. Good Grape: Good Grape is a wine blog written not for connoiseurs, collectors, or the wine elite, but enthusiasts, poets, and romantics.

Wine, Beer & Food

Read these blogs to learn how beer, food, and wine interact and complement each other.

  1. AficioNada: This blog celebrates the best food and wine creators.
  2. Beer In Food: If you’re interested in , this is the blog to check out.
  3. Feed Me/Drink Me: Learn about drinking and dining on this blog.
  4. Wild Walla Walla Wine Woman: Catie believes in cabernet, cheese, chocolate, and coffee.
  5. Vinography: Read about this blogger’s wine and food adventures from around the world, and particularly San Francisco.
  6. Brooklynguy’s Wine and Food Blog: Read this blog to learn about food and wine in Brooklyn.
  7. Beer Dinners: Get ideas and resources for hosting a beer dinner from this blog.
  8. food, wine, beer, culture: Check out this blog to find out how food, wine, beer, and culture interact.
  9. Drinks Are On Me: Dale Cruse appreciates the finer things in food, wine, and beer.


Check out these blogs, and you’ll get a look into the beer and wine business.

  1. Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog: Read Tom Wark’s blog to learn about wine public relations.
  2. Ship Compliant: Learn all about shipping wine on this blog.
  3. Rethink Wine Blog: This blog offers fresh ideas for the wine business.
  4. Bigger Than Your Head: Take a critical look at the creation, marketing, and other interesting aspects of food and alcohol.
  5. Free The Hops: Read this blog to learn how this group is working to make specialty beer more widely available in Alabama.
  6. Corked: A Wine Blog: Corked is written by the makers of wine labels, and discusses the wine industry.
  7. Vinfolio: The Wine Collector: Learn all about wine investment on this blog.
  8. Wine Marketer: This blog is focused on online marketing for wineries.
  9. Wine & Spirits Daily: Here you’ll find commentary and news for the alcohol beverage industry.
  10. Wine Without Borders: Learn about events, legal issues, media, shipping and more on this wine business blog.
  11. bevlog: Check out this blog that offers a look at beverage law.


These bloggers pair beer and wine with world travels.

  1. Postcards From a Barstool: Follow along with a beer traveler on this blog.
  2. In Vino Veritas: Alice Feiring looks for good wines that tell a story.
  3. The Beer Geek: Check out this blog to read the ramblings of beer travelers.
  4. On the Wine Trail in Italy: Alfonso Cevola’s blog is all about wine in Italy and beyond.

Beer & Wine News

Stay on top of the latest in beer and wine news through these blogs.

  1. Seen Through a Glass: Law Bryson discusses tasting notes, news, and more relating to beer and whiskey.
  2. Buzzed: Wine and spirits journalist Jordan Mackay shares his insight into the latest in the industry.
  3. Wine Blog: Jo Diaz shares wine tastings, industry news, and more on this wine blog.
  4. Seven Pack Beer Blog: On this blog, you’ll find features on events and beer news like the IPA Showdown, breweries, and even gluten free beers.
  5. Lenndevours: Read all about wine tastings, regions, wineries, events, and more on this blog.
  6. Beer Therapy: Find out about new releases and developments in the world of beer from this blog.
  7. Brookston Beer Bulletin: This blog will keep you updated on all of the latest beer happenings.

Responsible Beer

These beer blogs serve a higher purpose.

  1. Beer Locavore: Read about one beer lover’s quest to drink only local beer for an entire year.
  2. Beer Activist: Read this blog to see how this blogger combines his two favorite things: drinking beer and saving the world.


Follow the challenges and successes of these bloggers that brew their own wine and beer.

  1. Brew Like A Monk: This blog is all about beer that’s brewed in abbey and trappist style.
  2. Brainard Brewing: Brainard Brewing blogs about homebrew, beer dinners, and more.
  3. Ted’s Homebrew Journal: Ted brews stovetop kitchen craft beers with expert skill.
  4. Les Garagistes: One of the few wine homebrewing blogs, this one covers winemaing, tasting, and more.
  5. CNYBrew: Travis offers recipes, homebrewing tips, and information about growing your own hops.
  6. BeerSmith: On this blog, you’ll read about home brewing, beer styles, and recipes.
  7. The Champagne of Blogs: Check out this homebrewing and extreme food collective for beer reviews, news, and food.
  8. Bathtub Brewery: Check out this homebrewing blog for etiquette, tips, and more.
  9. Geistbear Brewing Blog: This homebrewer discusses the art and science of good beer.
  10. Homebrew and Chemistry: This chemistry student discusses homebrewing as a science.
  11. Brewed Musings: Read this brewer’s blog for beer talk with a lot of thought.

Brewery Blogs

Get the official word from these brewery bloggers.

  1. Bearded Brewing Blog: This blog from the Bearded Brewing Co. discusses socially responsible and organic brewing.
  2. Flying Dog Brewery News: Check out this blog to stay on top of news from a popular Colorado brewery.
  3. Metropolitan Brewing: Follow along as this fledgling brewery gets its start in the business.
  4. How to Start a Brewery (in 1 million easy steps): Here you’ll get a look at a fledging father and son brewery.
  5. Muckney Brewing: Dave and Justin of Muckney Brewing discuss brewing and drinking beer.
  6. The Lost Abbey: Learn more about Lost Abbey and the beer industry on this blog.
  7. Midnight Brewing Co.: These two homebrewers have declared themselves a brewery.
  8. Cameron’s Brewing: In this blog, you’ll find a beer connoisseur.
  9. Flossmoor Beer Blog: Read this blog to learn about Flossmoor Station’s brewery as well as news in the beer industry.
  10. Monday Night Brewery: Follow these three wild and crazy guys on their quest to open a microbrewery.
  11. Open Source Beer Project: Flying Dog Brewery is behind this blog and project that encourages collaborative beer.
  12. Shoreman Organic Ales: Learn all about this brewery that creates small batch handmade organic ales.

Winery Blogs

Stay on top of the activities from your favorite wineries through these blogs.

  1. Anomaly Vineyards: This small Napa Valley vineyard shares insight into their wine making as well as the winery lifestyle.
  2. El Bloggo Toricido: Twisted Oak Winery writes this blog about winemaking business and culture.
  3. La Gramiere: Check out this blog to learn about small organic and biodynamic winemaking in the south of France.
  4. Tablas Creek Vineyard Blog: On this blog, you’ll be updated on the regular goings on at Tablas Creek.
  5. Beaucastel Blog: Check out Beaucastel for travel, tasting notes, winery news, and more.
  6. Chateau Julien: Bob and Patty Brower discuss wine life and culture relating to their well established wine estate in Carmel Valley, California.
  7. Terrior…Dirty Talk on Wine: Dirk Hampson of Far Niente Winery shares his thoughts about what’s going on in their wineries.

Top 100 Blogs for Foodies

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By Christina Laun

Whether you love eating out or cooking at home, there are tons of sites on the net that cater to your foodie sensibilities. Here are some blogs that can direct you to great recipes, tips from chefs, health foods and even what to try while you’re on vacation. No matter what you love about food, you’re bound to find something that sparks your interest in one of these great blogs.


Check out these sites for a variety of information, reviews and recipes that cater to your foodie sensibilities.

  1. Slashfood: Here you’ll find a wide range of food-related information, from recipes to reviews of food accessories and books.
  2. The Accidental Hedonist: Check out this blog for great recipes, appetizing photos of food and great information like "a guide to asian noodles".
  3. Can Cook, Must Cook: If you love Caribbean food, check out this blog. You’ll get reviews of restaurants and books that can help you indulge your taste buds.
  4. Food Museum: This blog reports on all things to do with food including food history, gardening, book reviews, food safety, nutrition and more.
  5. Friend’s Eat: Join this community to find new recipes and ideas for the kitchen as well as an informative blog.
  6. Project Foodie: Check out this blog for everything foodie. You’ll get access to recipes, articles about cookbooks, wine pairings and even links to foodie podcasts.
  7. ChowHound: Whether you’re looking for recipes or just want some guidance on how to cook certain foods, you’ll find both on this informative blog.
  8. Delicious Days: This blog is full of beautiful pictures as well as instruction, seasonal ideas and even a few great recipes to try. Named one of the "Coolest Websites" by Time Magazine, it’s a blog that can’t be missed.
  9. The Last Bite: Foodies can find recipes, reviews, products, news about food and much more on this blog.
  10. The Real Epicurean: Check out this blog to learn about certain foods, get recipes and find ideas on how to cook seasonally and do it well.


Tired of making the same old recipes from well-worn cookbooks? Use these great blogs to get inspired, with recipes for every season and occasion.

  1. 101 Cookbooks: This blog serves as a recipe journal and is geared more towards vegetarian main courses, though you will find the occasional recipe for a great dessert thrown in.
  2. Italian Foodies: Check out this blog for recipes from an Italian family living in Ireland. Warm up with a chickpea and spinach soup or add a twist to your coffee with some lemon cake.
  3. Baking and Books: Whether you want to make some sweet and delicious desserts or bake some muffins for a morning meeting, this blog can provide you with great recipes that will make your mouth water.
  4. The Recipe Girl: This blog contains a wide variety of recipes though it tends to focus on baking, and many recipes are seasonally appropriate, helping you make the most of the freshest ingredients.
  5. Chocolate and Zucchini: This blog features a great collection of recipes, historical information on cultural foods, and helpful tips for cooking at home.
  6. Is My Blog Burning?: Those with a love of cooking can find new recipes to try on this blog or share their own with others. It also provides a place for gourmands to meet and make friends with others.
  7. Kitchen Wonders: Craving some great Indian food? You’ll find all kinds of recipes on this site to get you started in the kitchen.
  8. Cooking with Amy: Here you can find appetizing recipes, restaurant and product reviews, culinary news and much more.
  9. Always in the Kitchen: If you find that you spend hours in the kitchen, why not spice things up with some new recipes from this blog? You’ll find loads of seasonal treats and classic favorites.
  10. in the kitchen with: This blog is perfect for creative foodies. It features different cooks each week with a great variety of delicious and inventive recipes.
  11. My Kitchen Snippets: This blog is full of great recipes from those for Chinese food to all kinds of delightful pastries.
  12. Coconut and Lime: Want to find some yummy new recipes? Give this blog a look for instructions on making all kinds of new and delicious meals.
  13. have cake, will travel: Foodies with a sweet tooth won’t be able to resist this blog, full of photos and recipes that will keep you coming back for more.
  14. The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Looking for some natural and from-scratch recipes? Look no further, you’ll find recipes and step-by-step instructions on making them (with photos) on this site.


Find information about restaurants, stores and more in your area that are worth your time to visit with the advice found in these blogs.

  1. Foodie NYC: This New York resident and foodie shares recipes and ideas for cooking as well as experiences dining out in the city.
  2. DC Foodies: Want to keep up with the food events going on in the DC area or just get some good recipes? Check out this blog for a little of both.
  3. Chef’s Table: In this blog you’ll find reviews and information about fine dining in the Twin Cities area as well as some helpful advice for You Gonna Eat That?: This blog covers the food goings ons of Southern California, from farmers’ markets to restaurant reviews.
  4. Serious Eats: This blog covers food news and reviews from all over the country from the healthy to the sweet and not-so-healthy.
  5. The Passionate Foodie: Read what this Maine native has to say about restaurants and food events in New England on this blog.
  6. The Gourmet Cartographer: Those who love to try all kinds of foods and live in the New York area will appreciate this fun and informative blog.
  7. A Food Year: Canadian native Ken Sloan uses this blog to give his reviews of numerous restaurants in the Montreal area.
  8. London Eater: Whether you’re looking for some advice on where to grab a bite to eat in London or just want to know how to choose a great wine, this blog can be a great help.
  9. Snack: Get the latest gossip about New York restaurants, cafes and food happenings on this blog.

Restaurants and Chefs

Where better to learn about food and new recipes than from the chefs and restaurants you love? You’ll find blogs of both kinds below.

  1. L20 Blog: Chef Alain Ducasse uses this blog to talk about the restaurant he’s opening and running in Chicago.
  2. Michael Laiskonis: This blogger is a Symon Says: Michael Symon of Lola and Lolita in Cleveland maintains this blog which details his adventures in the kitchen.
  3. Epi Log: Epi Log is home to a variety of chef bloggers including some big names like Traci des Jardins of Jardiniere in San Francisco and Rick Bayless of Topolabampo in Chicago.
  4. Ideas in Food: If you’re feeling cutting edge, check out this blog. Aki Kamozawa and H. Alexander Talbot use it to tell about their experiments with food, concentrating on molecular gastronomy and flavor composition.
  5. Kitchen Confidence: Matthew Tivy, a New York City chef, maintains this blog where he shares recipes and stories from his childhood.
  6. Marriott in the Kitchen: While you may not always think of hotels first when you think of fine dining, this blog details some of the great dishes offered by chef Brad Nelson.
  7. Becoming a Chef: This award-winning blog can keep you in the know about great places to eat and the adventures of authors Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page.
  8. Cooking with Jody: Learn from chef Jody Adams in this blog, with recipes and ideas to keep you busy in the kitchen.
  9. Pacific Grill: Chefs Aaron Valimont and Gordon Naccarato work at this Tacoma restaurant and post the latest happenings and special dishes in this blog.
  10. EggBeater: Follow chef Shauna Fish Lydon as she blogs about her life as a pastry chef in California.
  11. Curbed: Food lovers living in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles can get reviews of local eateries on this blog.
  12. TastingMenu: These Washington-based bloggers provide great reviews of restaurants in their area as well as around the world.
  13. Almost a Chef: While not quite a chef yet, this blogger provides numerous delicious recipes and ideas on this blog to keep you and your taste buds happy.

Gadgets and Tools

What’s a true foodie without a few neat kitchen gadgets? These blogs will point you towards all kinds of specialty tools.

  1. Kitchen Contraptions: If you’re the type who loves all kinds of kitchen gadgets, then you’ll love this blog, with tons of posts on everything imaginable you could need for your kitchen.
  2. CNET Appliances and Kitchen Gadgets: Check out this blog to get reviews and information about everything from cutting boards to refrigerators.
  3. Kitchen Gadgets Blog: This blog highlights great kitchen tools that you can buy online, that are both useful and look neat.
  4. Great Kitchen Tools Blog: Here you’ll find an assortment of kitchen tools that help you find just what you need to make any meal.
  5. Cooking Gadgets: If you’re a foodie who loves kitchen gadgets, you’ll appreciate the numerous innovative ones listed in the posts on this blog.
  6. Mighty Goods: Looking for yummy fancy foods? You’ll find loads of it here, from specialty chocolates to high end tequila.
  7. the kitchn: Here you’ll find all kinds of information on kitchen gadgets and specialty foods.

Everyday and Beginner

For foodies who are new on the scene or who are just craving some basic, easy-to-make foods, these blogs are great places to start.

  1. I Love Sandwiches: This blog focuses on all things "sandwichy" and provides tons of recipes for making super delicious combinations.
  2. Taste and Tell: This blogger is working through numerous recipes and you can follow the journey on this blog. Most recipes are easy to make and perfect for the foodie who isn’t a food snob.
  3. Fumbling Foodie: Every foodie has to start somewhere and if you’re just learning your way around the kitchen you can follow along with this blogger. You’ll find recipes appropriate for beginners and more.
  4. The Yummy Mummy Cooks Gourmet: This busy mom shares how she finds time to cook food that’s both gourmet and considerable edible by her kids.
  5. The Amateur Gourmet: This blog is home to simple recipes and ideas and general food information and insights for the non-expert foodie.
  6. Reluctant Gourmet: Newbies to the foodie sphere can find fancy recipes that have been translated into easy-to-understand examples, to allow you to indulge your love of food in a way that meets your level of expertise.

Travel and Exotic

Don’t limit your foodie tendencies to one country, learn where to go and what to try in a variety of countries in these blogs.

  1. Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations: Well known traveler and foodie Anthony Bourdain maintains this blog on the Travel Channel site. You can read more about his adventures and his commentary on eating all over the world.
  2. Weird Meat: For the adventurous foodie, this blog documents eating some of the more unusual elements of cuisines around the world.
  3. Travels with a Gourmet: This blog will no doubt make you hungry, with photos of food from restaurants in this blogger’s hometown and places visited while traveling as well.
  4. Wandering Gourmet: Wandering Gourmet is an international club for people who love travel and food, and you can read great reviews of restaurants and food events worldwide in their blog.
  5. Eating Asia: This blogging couple have lived and traveled throughout Asia for the past 12 years and their blog contains photos and descriptions of all kinds of delicacies from Malaysia, China, Thailand and Vietnam.
  6. Those thinking of taking a trip to Saigon can find photos and information on the best kinds of food to get there from this foodie blogger.
  7. Gastropoda: This foodie blog follows the adventures of a New York-based travel writer who writes about the food, both good and bad, she encounters on her travels.

Fellow Foodies

Enjoy the posts in these blogs by fellow food lovers to find recipes, suggestions or just drool over tantalizing photos.

  1. A Full Belly: Share in the love of food on this blog, which provides links to other great food sites as well as information about new foods and ideas for great, creative dinners.
  2. Gastronome: This group of bloggers focus their posts on the love of food, from sharing recipes to reviewing books.
  3. Spice Wild Schwein: This blog focuses on good food and drink and living life well. Readers will find irrisistable photos of food and tips on growing your own food.
  4. Urban Epicurean: Here, blogger Catherine shares her adventures into cooking as well as reviews and recipes.
  5. Last Crumb: Brother and sister Will and Rose maintain this blog where they share their culinary adventures in baking, preserving and more.
  6. A Passion for Food: This New York based blogger loves food and shares her experiences at restuarants and cooking at home in her blog.
  7. Winosandfoodies: This blog is home to reviews of restaurants, wine, books, movies and loads of other things that will appeal to your inner foodie.
  8. The Nibble: If you love specialty foods and yummy treats you’ll enjoy this blog, which is full of posts on the best of the best.
  9. Canelle et Vanille: Love baking? This blog will be right up your alley then, with loads of recipes for fancy, sweet treats.
  10. Gourmet Geeks: Embrace your inner gourmond with this blog, where you can learn about everything from the perfect latte to how to make great salsa.
  11. Bitten: Mark Bittman maintins this New York Times blog, which can help you learn to prepare speciality foods and provides great recipes to keep you busy in the kitchen.
  12. Orangette: This blog provides a number of great recipes for readers to try as well as some insightful and creative commentary as well.
  13. The Gourmet Project: This blogger wants to cook her way though over 1000 recipes and is documenting her process on her blog. The ambitious can get their own copy of the cookbook she’s using and follow along.

Foodies on a Budget

Don’t deny yourself the delicious foods you crave simply because you don’t have a lot of money. Check out these blogs for ideas on how to dine like a king with the budget of a pauper.

  1. The Cheap Gourmet: Check out this blog for guidance on eating gourmet without going broke. You’ll find recipes, suggestions for bargains and ways to make your budget go further in the kitchen.
  2. Almost Frugal Food: This site provides inspiration on stretching your food budget and weekly recipes that begin with the letter F.
  3. Frugal Cuisine: Based on a $3 a day budget, this blog provides recipes that can help you fill your belly with delicious foods without spending a fortune.
  4. Cheap Healthy Good: Don’t sacrifice taste because you’re on a budget. Check out the posts in this blog to learn how to make meals that are good for your health and your wallet.
  5. Cheap Eats: Whether you’re slumming at a fast food place or looking to get the best bargains on kitchen utensils, this site is your go-to place for cheap recommendations.
  6. The 99 Cent Chef: Who says you have to spend a fortune to cook inventive and delicious meals? This blog can show you how to cook great meals that only cost a dollar per serving.

Healthy and Green

If you’re a foodie on a diet, or just one that wants to eat greener, check out these helpful blogs.

  1. Carrots N Cake: Readers of this food blog will get tips on how to maintain a healthy balance in their meals and their lives.
  2. The Skinny Gourmet: This blogger proves that you can eat delicious, rich foods without being unhealthy provided you enjoy them in moderation. Check out the blog for great recipes to satisfy your craving for gourmet meals without expanding your waistline.
  3. Whole Gourmet: From shopping to the dinner table, this blog tells you how to prepared wholesome and natural meals.
  4. Skinny Chef: Learn how to stay slim while indulging the foodie in you with healthy eating tips from chef Jennifer Iserloh.
  5. Feel Good Eats: Check out this blog to find gourmet suggestions that use local or seasonal ingredients to ensure you’re eating fresh and healthy meals.
  6. 7 Minute Chef: You can learn to prep quick and healthy meals on this blog which is focused on vegan and raw recipes. You’ll also find reviews and suggestions to help you out around the kitchen.
  7. We Like it Raw: Thinking of starting a raw food diet? Check out this blog for recipes and tips on eating out.
  8. Nourish Me: This blog is full of great photos of fresh, natural foods that are sure to inspire your imagination in the kitchen.
  9. The Slow Cook: Not every entry on this blog is about health food, but it does discourage the eating of fast food and pre-packaged meals. Instead, you’ll find advice on how to cook meals the old fashioned way.
  10. Healthy Cooking: If you’re looking for some healthy recipes, this site can be a good resource, with posts on everything from soups to pastas.
  11. Healthy Snack Box: Learn how to use fruits and veggies to make healthy and satisfying snacks from this site. You can even use your foodie skills to spice up the recipes.
  12. Mostly Eating: If you’re looking for some tasty, sustainable and healthy food check out this blog for some wonderful recipes.
  13. Phlebotomy Technician Schools: The HealthZone blog covers food from a medical professionals point of view.
  14. A Thinking Stomach: This blogger grows her own food and uses local resources to come up with recipes she shares on this blog. You’ll also find a few tips on gardening as well.

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